San Diego's When and Were will you play?


we’re working on a sophisticated system. The box arena is putting all their effort into repairing the problems while enhancing the community and meeting to the majority needs. Thank you for the input and suggestions. We strive to accomidate all.


R.I.P. to Michael Jackson and the San Diego Thread.

honestly, i didn’t wanna see either of them go. S.D. deserved to hit that 10,000th post…


who said it has to die?


How about we mcman and farrah faucet?


thanks for the shout man! box arena was sick wednesday night! thank you guys for hosting as always


no problem wolf. You’re always invited at our house. You’re a very honorable man and we respect that because you respect us. You’re getting a lot better. Keep it up. We hope to see you again next week.


i definitely owe my improvement to the box arena! you guys are always super chill and ill be going every wednesday as far as i can tell :slight_smile:


What is being played in SD these days? Is there any interested in BlazBlue?


yeah. a few people in here (as well as myself) are getting it.




edgar when you read this post call me


It I Think There’s A Lot Of Hype For BlazBlue In San Diego. If AnyThing, Cody of SDTekken Will Start To Host Matches On FriDays In ParaDise Hills. Usually We Play SF4 At The Box Arena In El Cajon And At TTF, They Host SF4 On FriDays And USually Have Casual MArvel, Rock Band, And HDR.

Let Me Know When You Wanna Come Out.


SD all day, 785 to go


good morning all. Thanks ttf for having us. At least I won 1 match. On the other hand, I was expecting blazblue. Oh well. We’ll wait.


what was the point of the new thread vs the old? ? ? ? ? ? i R confused.


I wanted to play blazblue ; . ;


kuizzy & ksexy

check out this honda. also look up mago’s honda for some fundamentals



now theres a game i havnt seen played in SD for a while.

r/c 360 throws so nice with honda


thats a completely different game. The only thing that i learned from that video was how to get thrown a million times using honda, and wake up super.


Wow. I don’t know if I can use that. Thanks!