San Diego's When and Were will you play?



Alex man- This was that cancelling thing that i told you about that i saw in the video.

Chong & Kuizzy- Different game or not, partical fighting style for characters don’t change that much from game to game. Look how he never jumps. He uses the good pokes, anti air with head but and just has that solid wall defense. That is how honda becomes scary as shit.


true story - i started using honda solely because of his k groove run. (even put him as my anchor so i would have more health to do it repeatedly)


EXACTLY. His groove helps him out in other games.


Dude hondas getting more and more legit these days having trouble against him online.


Man I wish I could have made it out the the last couple tourneys…

I’m still training in the shadows.

P.S. This thread dying reminds me of Densha Otaku if anyone has watched the live action.


lol i wasn’t using it because it’s good. it’s cause it looks hillarious.

however, i did later figure out that k groove honda has short hop j.rh and full rage meter hhs chip which are both pretty beastly… still not as good as c/a/n groove roll.


Its good man, it makes the other player laugh. Atleast when i used to do it.


ChongWong can do that roll in real life.



truth, Ive seen him wall dive after the roll too

Wang Chong :wtf:


Even after 9th Grade, Fank was always Freshhh mannnn.


I know it’s late notice but how about a 2v2 today?


yeahsssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh since i cant make friday!




Team The Regulators: Mount Up!!!




10,000 we will make it… probably not :tup:


just 800 posts!!! GO GO GO!


RIP Steve Air Mcnair :frowning:


rip air mcnair

long live jack daniels


where is everyone at? Anyone near mira mesa/ la jolla?