San Diego's When and Were will you play?


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Results for Box Arena 7/08

Thanks to Everyone who Came out to The Box Arena Tonight… It was quite entertaining. I hope that Salsa doesn’t affect you guys TOOO badly tomorrow… I am glad I got to meet some new people tonight, Giorgio, Happy Birthday my friend! Looks like I picked the right day to make Cupcakes! Well, Here is what it all came down to… almost no suprise! See you all at PHS! Much Love and Gaming till then!

1st Yeb $50.40
2nd Sallabout08 $14.40
3rd gcsupra $7.20
4th Jeremy Chance Free adm. to next Box Arena Weds.
5th Mr. HangOver
5th Wong
7th DJ Frank Fresh
7th neRemiX
7th HunEBee
9th DECI
9th Origonal
9th Mr. Certified
9th VuTek2
13th SlowHandsCody
13th ChongWong
13th KillaByte
13th OceansideDoods
17th fallenPheonix
17th Chuck Gonzalez
17th Marco Polo
17th KSexy
17th Wolf
17th Marcos Munoz
17th Kuizzy Ef Baby
25th CalmWarrior

So, if anyone Read all the way through and Noticed a third 7th place…It was so a joke.


how was there one 25th , thats pretty fucked up LOL i would have got minimum top 20 IMO if i stayed.

p.s. fuck everyones opinion i still think the pay out structure is Gh3Y the money should be distributed more generalcy no way first place should be that much and the other good showings like fernando and gene get nada. p.s. SMD and lets rock and roll saturday !!!


Ive been wanting a SketchPad Robot tee in white for the longest ;/


HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Only David got last place!!!

j/k David!!!



here we come


B o o m s h a k a l a k a


"David got 25th on wednesday. "~ Neremixed






David i need moar strats. Plz send me SF1 video links.


where at? im down but in the afternoon tomorrow only, after 6.


how are the sticks at chula?


GGs tonight.SD needs more Blazblue IMHO


oh shit. i thought you were lost. you going to evo right? gotta rep strider/doom.


Bump :tup:


Classic SF2 still lives at Dave & Buster’s.

Sorry…had to post something. :slight_smile:


creeping up on that 10,000 ya dig


San Diego SF4 for PS3

I’m looking for some sf4 network games w/ peeps from sd, la, anywhere in cali on the PS3 network. My name is “steezamora” hit me up and let’s run some games!:wonder:


what else do u play??? u got any sticks???