San Diego's When and Were will you play?


Anyone down for some marvel at chula tomorrow? I got a grip of quarters I want to spend.:wgrin:


man, i got a bunch of quarters too. if you go during the week, post up =]

and bring crisco when you do.


ten k


fo sho


we on the way!



You guys should head up here sometime for some marvellllllllllllllllllll


when are you free?:wonder: lets do this.:nunchuck:


Is that the one off of the 8? Which SF2 and does anyone actually play there?

I went to the Boomers in Vista other day and there were some kids there that played 3s well, I don’t play that game and only others they had were SFA3 and MvC.

Stopped by new arcade that opened, Tilt at Plaza El Camino mall, was weird. They have a fighting game section, but it’s odd. Tekken 4 and 5, MvC, and MvC2 on small screens, but SvC Chaos on a big screen and KoF XI on a weird double monitor monstrosity with whack button lay out. They were closing, but I played one game of XI cause I hadn’t before, just felt like most other KoF’s to me. Dude said they might get one or two other fighters in near future, so I can hope for something I like.

Man the scene was different here when I was growing up heh.


#1 its a mall. #2 its a TILT. Both fail already as proven by mission valley, horton plaza, plaza bonita lol…


10 k


i live right next to the boomers you’re talking about if you ever wanna play 3s st or a2 hit me up. im probably gonna there later today for 3s i’ll post up if im gonna go. heading over now


I play st and was learning a2 a bit when ggpo first came out, like both. Don’t really like 3s or a3, so Boomers is kinda a bummer. It’s my birthday this weekend, so I’ll be downtown with some friends for the next few days, but I’ll head over to boomers one of these days. I’m an old man now, so I don’t get out much these days.


I used to be on GGPO all the time before SF4 came out.

Hit me up on aim for some games on ggpo

sn: clagade87 or theericeboy


724 post in 1 week lets do this …




marvel’s out on psn.

i’ll be on later on tonight if anyone’s down for some games. [psn - hairypeckpeck]



I got 3 copies (well vouchers) of it. :tup:


^^^^ damn i should of brought guitar hero =/ …


PSN: XManji-

I occasionally play SF4 (Sagat/Akuma) sadly I only picked up the game 2 weeks before SDCC. I am online more now because of MvC2!
I also finally got an SF4 stick(it feels weird but responds better than my Tekken 5 with a PS3 adapter.)