San Diego's When and Were will you play?


one day it will hit 10k


we just gotta make it © Trey Songz

ggs to Issac on PSN earlier today.


ggs to you too sir. I hate msp


ggs earlier today man.


Anyone play Marvel on Xbox? After Sunday I might be playing more Marvel than SF4 =p


Keep posting in here :-\


Good job ChongWang, keep this thread alive! We got to make sure this thread never has to be necroed.
On to business, anybody keep track/know when(times/days of the week) good people play MVC2 on PSN? I have not seen accurate information posted anywhere.
As for Xbox360 MVC2- Do you have to have a Gold membership to play on-line or will Silver do? (I’m getting a free 360 so I need to know if I should waste any money on it or sell it.)
Thanks for your time if you read this, many more thanks for answering my questions if you can!


yes you need gold to play online and i heard dios x is #1 on psn for marvel or something like that.

old thread ftw


Guess who gave ernesto his 5th lost online?.. This guy!!! and yeah he is #1 online. ’


what up tho!

i wanna make a stick with Mayan art. that’d be fuckin dope.


seems like the few folks that are left who play marvel are on this thread. the other sd thread is basically “sf4 in sd”


Maybe they should rename the other thread? By the way, Shadowlow00R should have at least 2 losses. I wreck him the first time I played him and he dropped. The second time I played him, 4 seconds in he quits. After getting a list of 40+ rage quitters, I’ve stopped taking names. I think it’s time for video! My game is ugly and slow.


lets get that marvel tourny going !!!


for real for real. san diego is long over due for anything marvel related.

lol, riceboy. no one believes you.


too bad i suck at marvel.


yea they’re totally on his nuts. like he’s me or something.


naw I believe you chris. He ragequit but who knows? It’s probably david lee’s little brother or kid or something


In the planning stages of an HDR and MARVEL TOURNAMENT (oh yeah, sf4 also.) , to hit october.
Planning for a good turnout.
This will go down.
Practice up, i expect to see the marvel comp come out in october.
Get hyped for this one. :tup:
CVC still doin thangs for SD.




hey anyone know who YOUNG619CALI is?