San Diego's When and Were will you play?


nice thank you sir you are a scholar and a gentlemen.:pleased::china: better let the fools at chula know see if they go.


KingD is a ragequitter with Zero loses. Your not going to see him with a loss on his record. He cheats. And he sucks so bad.


is that an infinite?


one post closer to 10k


what this guy said… only 700 to go!


Anybody play in central San Diego?
Or go to Mesa college?

I play at the Tilt in Mission valley mall.
I am pretty bad at mvc2, but decent in cvs2.
But EVERYONE there sucks major ass.
Cvs2 cab has sucky slanted sticks.
Fuckin hate that place.


You like close enough to play at mission tilt? Come visit sometime :O.


Whut? Where at?


My house fool. Im in national city. Tell me some crazy stories about you and Leigh.


I have got to try, come on SD let’s do this-
If you play a scoreboard match, you put some thing on the line(your rating) to show the caliber of player you are.

If you play a ranked match and quit, you should forfit the proper amount of your rating to your opponent and rightfully receive a loss. Hopefully this won’t lead to players finding a way to force other players off the network during a match.

Other games implement you quit, you get a loss and lose rating: Magic: the Gathering(paper/online), Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon(these are CCG’s but they do run on a rating system and you pay to play but if you are good enough, you can get money, product and/or prizes.) These games have been around for years and are still successful using this in their system.

I do understand that this will have an impact on players with a less than stellar ISP but, they’ve made that choice(or stuck with) and should upgrade(if possible.) Players do themselves a disservice by not running at their best. Like if you are more comfortable with an arcade stick vs. a standard PS3 controller, don’t whine: fix it.

The Scoreboard is a joke right now because players are abusing a glitch that prevents them from truly having the rating that properly reflects their skill as a player and one of them is at the top(XxKingDxX). Please, Capcom- fix this(I’ve played enough matches that Cable’s frame advantage does not bother me anymore, I’ve adapted… Can I get a cookie( Mrs. Field’s, Trader Joe’s, heck even Chips Ahoy)? or an LP? J/K… Well, I won’t complain if you send me an LP!)

Thanks for everyones time!
Also, if you agree with me post up at:



:slap: Wake up thread! :snap snap: :SLAP:
Ok, good your up now. Those who play MVC2 on-line via PSN or Xcrap. Expect an up-date soon. Ther is a good chance there might be a ladder reset too(hey, that’s suposed to happen to Diablo 2, too.) If you want or don’t want a reset- Let Capcom know! Head over to the Capcom-Unity forums and post up.


lets play sometime manjix. It seems that everytime I log on, you logged off a few minutes before. I always miss ya. I’ll be on tonight after the dodgers game and a movie.


who from sd is going to denjin?..ill hook it up with gas…you pass my place on the way anyway…its on encinitas …my place is right off the exit…it isnt hard to find…text me at 760 814 7067


@sodasic: Yeah, I don’t know that keeps happening. I need some good games. I was playing Arkham Asylum last night, just because I didn’t think anyone good would be on. I might show up on-line tonight, I just won’t be on for long-work.


So I peeked in to the Tilt arcade they opened at Plaza Camino I posted about earlier. They actually had SF4 there, BUT upon closer inspection it had 8 buttons per player as well as 2 weird nubs and some buttons in between. Then I realized on the character select screen it was the console version and none of the characters were unlocked, and then of course the X-box dashboard popped up heh. So yeah, $1 for 7 minutes of console SF4 haha. With the fun being how long you can play on one credit I didn’t play it and doubt I ever will.

Was really exciting for about 2 minutes though…


two post closer


Make it 3


Why not make it 4!!!


High 5


Very naize!!