San Diego's When and Were will you play?


Lol they should come and freeze this thread at 9999 posts.


10k some day. Maybe 3 days after the MVC2 patch comes out, that would be nice(and soon).




hey yo real talk fam chongwang is my nigga.

i got yo back chongwang


Thanks man.


Fuck dat ChongWong foo cuz. Nigga ain’t shit.


ayo real talk. Thats not what you said when we were jammin to basshunter.


Real talk. We was jammin like mad yo. Almost died dancing.


Fo real man. Need atleast one of my Hands on the wheel at all times.


668 to go =\


weekly bump to 10,000 lolol


So a reset on the MVC2 ScoreBoards, and rage quitters are still making it to the top. Capcom NEEDS TO FIX THAT!!! I guess I’ll be on later today, got to get to respectable place- with in the 100’s.




anybody feel like going up to james games for some marvel?


oh hi guys


you guys gave up getting to 10,000


Nobody gave up! They just haven’t had great news come in!!!- Like maybe a patch for MvC2 that fixes the rage quitting scrub issue. It’s not like me longer judging/playing(MTG) is a big deal. How about this: Diablo 2 1.13 test realm is up! Blessed Hammer is getting nerfed!


Christmas Eve bump bump bump


bump like those bump its in my hair


Another year and still not at 10,000. Need that RQ fix for PSN still.