San Diego's When and Were will you play?


Holluh nugguh we got dis


I’m down in SD for the weekend, trying to find out more about The Box Arena or SD SF4 get togethers/casuals, can someone fill me in? thnx.



Or refer to the op


Hair cuts


Thanks a lot


I didn’t get a hair cut. I just combed it so it looks shorter.


Still looks like a girl


At least I look pretty :3


Yeah I agree


whats really good?

we can do this s.d.


are there any arcade in la jolla (near ucsd)?
that they have mvc2?


Uggggg, free Xbox360+ HD+ MVC2+free live= I play on it now… I feel so dirty. And this thread ain’t dead till 10k damn it!


Well i’ll do a post a day :tup:


only 642 to go lol.


man derreck it should be me and you in grand finals.


sok beat jedi rob 5-1 and I destroyed that fool yesterday when we were playing low tier like 15-3 or something like that. my stick screwed me over big time(no homo). but next tourney you ima wup you up in grand finals for reals.


lol ed you crazy. sok13 is a cool cat and his stick is messed up too.

but yeah, i’d kill you in grand finals. watch, you’ll see lol.




It’s good to see MvC3 coming soon but, you think they’d try to fix MvC2. Long lasting Blackheart minions are ruff in a game.