San Diego's When and Where will you play? Vol.II


New thread for San Diego…

So in San Diego we are mostly playing Street Fighter IV, but Tekken 6: BR and Blaz Blue will be out soon, so that will add to the fun and scene of San Diego. Don’t forger there are still people out there that play Marvel, 3s, HDR, and other fighters.

T.T.F.- Usually every Friday night a tournament for Street Fighter IV goes down. So if your somewhere in the southeast on a Friday night and you want to get your Street Fighter IV fix hit this place up. In the future, will be running T6 and BB tournies.
For more information PM me- unprotectedSEX

CVC (Chula Vista Casuals)- Everybody hates Mondays, it’s the begging of the week and it’s just straight up boring. But thanks to Killabyte you don’t have to have that case of the Mondays. Located in Eastlake every Monday night get down on some Street Fighter IV casuals and maybe a cheap fun tourney.
For more information PM Kris- killabyte

The Box Arena- The middle of the week, a.k.a Wednesday, not that bad of a day, two days from Monday and two away to Friday. I don’t know bout you but I got jack shit to do on a Wednesday night after work. Yet again the people at the Box Arena are here for you fellow Street Fighter IV players. Wednesday nights come join us in casuals and more cheap tounies with a lot of good comp. With 5 set ups, what more can you ask for? Besides sex…
For more information PM Edgar- oceansideDOODS

Chula Vista Mall TILT- This arcade is garbage, any arcade in San Diego is garbage, but… If you want some good Marvel comp, I suggest this place, home of the Cartel.

Shout out to tsoteddy for keeping the 1st thread alive.
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Major updates
all can be found here:T.T.F. Website

Big tournies coming up:
THIS FRIDAY (TOMORROW):T.T.F.'s Street Fighter IV RanBat 1.5- San Diego, CA.- 06/26/09

T.T.F.?s PHS3.1 Street Fighter IV 2v2 Team Tourney- San Diego, CA.- 07/03/08

Paradise Hills Showdown 3.1-San Diego, CA.-07/11/09

Make sure you post asap, so you have a spot in the tourney. They are all being capped!


For tomorrows RanBat 1.5 this is what is needed and what we have…
I myself can provide 3 tvs and a playstation3 with a copy of sf4

what i need is 1 more tv and 3 more ps3s with copy of the game
i believe j flo is bringing a ps3 and chongwang is bringing copy of the game.

will be recording top 8 thru gamebridge



Needs more Chaos Casuals IMO


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and you best be sure that there will be blazblue going down at cvc!
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anyone want to play on psn? im signing on right now.
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All future TE sticks will come packaged with a shiny glove.



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P.s. SICK NEW THREAD RAN BATS TOMORROW I HOPE KEN I VISCANT SHADY K ALEXMAN CHRISREMIXED DONT SHOW SO I HAVE A SHOT AT FIRST!!! ( just a shot :slight_smile: still pimp competition in sd everyone is leveling up)


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