San Diego's Who are you?

Just want to know the fighter here in san diego a bit more so if desire post and not cool, hopefully u will learn more about people in this thread and how they think, enjoy

Name: Marcos
S/N: TSOTeddy
Age: 18
Birthdate: August 29, 1986
Ethnicity: Hispanic / Latino Whatever
Nationality: American
Hometown: San Diego, California
Religion: Catholic

Interests/hobbies: Poetry, Music, Play guiter and video games
Hang outs/Chill spots/ Gimmicks: Best Friends House, Chula Mall, Beach etc
Sports: Soccer, weightlift
Color: Black, Brown
Animal: Puma
Food: Fish Tacos, anything my mom makes (yeah im a mamas boy)
Artist: Norah Jones
Child role modle: Superman and Spider-man
Current Role modle: My father
Games: MVC2, 3rd strike, CvS2, GG, Any 2d fighter 3d ok 2
Music: Heavy and goth metal, alternative and rock en espaol
Singers/Rappers: Norah Jones, Amy Lee, Corey Taylor, Dani Filth, Gustavo Cerati
Bands: Slipknot, Cradle of filth, Stone Sour, Mudvayne (back in the days), Jumbo Lucybell
Movies: Back to the future trilogy, New romeo and juliet, my first mister, dawn of the dead, Texas chainsaw and Akira, Ong Bak
TV: Late night and tonight show 70’s show
Actor(s): Tony Ja, Tom Cruise, Ben stiller, John Travolta, Nicolas Cage
Actress(es): Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Uma Thurman, Zhang Ziyi
Anime(S): Dragon Ball z-gt,
Cartoons: Family guy, futurama simpsons
Anime character: Tatsuo from akira
Cartoon Character: Stuwart Gilligan Griffin

user name: Junkyard God
real name: Junkyard J.
currently residing in: San Diego

eats: everything, mainly mexican food and LOTS of chicken.
hobbies: drinking, lifting, fighting, fighting games (SF3!).
music: a lot of stuff, currently spinning the new Some Girls EP.

looking for casual tournaments and cool, kickback people to chill with for some SF3 around town. Hardly anyone I hang with now knows how to play a good round of street fighter.

Alright -

Edited in 2006 of March

Name: Gene
S/N: Not for you
Age: 15
Birthdate: Dec 4, 1990
Ethnicity: Chinese
Nationality: american
Hometown: San Diego, California
Religion: None.

Interests/hobbies: Music, Guitar, CVS2, Computer, Riverside people.
Hang outs/Chill spots/ Gimmicks: Riverside. My house. Wherever
Sports: CVS2. =o
Color: Black, Green,Blue
Animal: not sure. Cows and cockroaches
Food: Chinese/Mexican/Itallian Food.
Artist: Edwin Huang…jk
Child role modle: Hmm im still a child.
Current Role modle: Mago
Games: CVS2
Music: Static-X, Dir En Grey, Orgy.
Singers/Rappers: Kyo. COCKROOAAACH!!!
Bands: Dir en grey, static-x, orgy
Movies: Don’t have one, really.
TV: Smallville, alias
Actor(s): A Lot.
Actress(es): A Lot.
Anime(S): No animes.
Cartoons: No cartoons =/
Anime character: hmm…That fool phoenix wright!
Cartoon Character: PHOENIX RIGHT NIGGA!

Name: Derreck (not any of the following: derek,derrick,derik,deryk,derrik or any other spelling of derreck i left out)
Age: 18
Birthdate: April 16, 1987
Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic
Nationality: MexicanAmerican
Hometown: San Diego, California

Interests/hobbies: PHOTOSHOP CS 2!!, Video Games, Music, Friends and EATING
Sports: to play: soccer…to watch:football
Color: blue & silver
Animal: dog
Food: Chinese,Mexican
Artist: DJ Tiesto
Child role modle: Spiderman
Current Role modle: Pedro Usma
Games: MvC, rest of vs. series, Megamans, Metal Slugs, GTAs, and all that good stuff
Music: Trance, hiphop…mostly anything except country.
DJ’s/Rappers: DJ Tiesto, BT, Swollen Members,Little Brother…too many to list
Bands: the killers,panic! at the disco…shit like that
Movies: Ocean’s Eleven, Snatch
TV: Family Guy, Daily Show
Actor(s): Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn
Actress(es): Jessica Alba :lovin:
Anime(S): -
Cartoons: Family guy, Futurama, Spiderman
Anime character: -
Cartoon Character: Spiderman

Basically lookin to step up my MvC2 game. But my heart is with the rest of my fellow Dark Addictz members and their love for old vs. fighters.

birthday:July 22,1986
hometown:San Diego, Califas

animal:my iguana,"magnus"
music:old school rap,old slipknot,system of a down
current role model:my homie,bill gates
video game:punch-out,for nintendo
movie:the sandlot,fuck yeah
t.v shows:family guy,espn,csi,chapelle show
actor(s):Robert De Niro,Al Pacino,Adam Sandler
actress:Jenniefer Tilly,especially when she’s running :clap:

Basically thats my profile sukas, San Diego All Day Every Day

good shit

yup thnx for the info

This is old but anyone else?


name: jose
from: san diego


Name: kevin
Games: 3s, xmvsf, mshvsf, mvc1, tony hawk’s pro skater 2-4
Music: anything that sounds good
TV: foodtv, scrubs, family guy, american dad, rodney, it crowd, twins, the office (us & uk), how i met your mother, love monkey, starved, 4 kings, out of practice
Interests: playing video games with keyboard

Name: Karl
S/N: Kbalch and OMG ANTIAIR DUST (I have two b/c my password is MIA).
Age: 23
Games: Anything Guilty Gear, Samurai Showdown Tenka (im learning), SF, CVS2, pretty much any fighting game, armored core, etc. etc.
Location: Born and raised in San Diego (Clairmont)


s/n: wyze, contrary to my nick i am not by any means wise perse.
age: 23
birthdate: 11/82
location: san diego
games: guilty gear, rumblefish, samurai spirits tenka, hokuto no ken(soon to be learning whenever “they” get a hnk cab)
games(play casually): anything really…from old(much less obscure) and recent capcom/neogeo fighters to various doujin fighters here and there. however not much from namco and the capcom vs series i must admit.
interests: illustration/design, aside from the common interest in fighters i’m sure we all share.


Name: Mark
S/N: MarkMan
Age: 23
Birthdate: 04/26

Interests/hobbies: Arcade Joysticks, collecting games, sneakers, etc.
Games: Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Tekken 5 !


=] <333

Im only 5 days older than u

phoenix wright batch

mama no quiero comer mas huevos! mama no tengo habre comer mas huevos!