San Francisco City Propa (41fizif)

It seems that after the Cannery died down I haven’t seen much in terms of games in the 415, I know people travel down to San Jose and all, but I wanted to started this thread up again to gauge interest in local little matches. I had Thrust07 over last week and it was awesome, so I’ve doing some more thinking about setting up local matches. All you Inner Sunset kids get at me again so I can get a list in my head and plan maybe a couple Friday night fights out.


There is a San Fran thread already. You may have more success if you post in there.

^^^ what thxyoutoo said. Anyway, you can add me on it 10th and ortega here. I added you online, but if you want to get some local matches in, let me know when.

'Nuff said. /close_thread

:lovin: /thread_reopen

I only opened this thread because the previous one wasn’t getting a lot of updates, but yeah def /close_thread