San Francisco State Tourney - SAT 10/24/09 w/raffle (SFIV, T6BR, BB...)


Here’s the info on this semester’s tourney. Come on out for some fun and good competition. Also you’ll have a chance to win an ipod nano.


Sign ups noon to 1:30pm
Tourneys start at 2pm
Anyone who signs up after 1:30 wont be seeded. If you want to be seeded and can’t be on time have someone sign you up and pay.

Entry Fee:
$10 per game

Prize Money:

San Francisco State University
Cesar Chavez Student Union - Rack n Cue
1650 Holloway Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94132

Tekken 6BR

There should be free parking on Holloway and in the residential area off Holloway.

Each entry will get 1 raffle ticket. Top 3 will get additional tickets. Prize will be raffled off at the end of tourney.

Raffle Prize: 1- ipod nano (4th gen)

Misc Info:
We are going to try to add viewing screens to SFIV and T6. Players will use the current cabinets.


arite… first post…
whens sjsu gunna have one eric?!


I’m sorry I never been to SFSU. I figure this is all cabs? It’d be nice to have HDR there.


Heck yes, this will be good. :>


Sounds like some business, I’ll try and be there


+5-8 UC Davis kids.


what kind of cabs are they? japanese sticks?

ill will try and make this.

edit: going to the Cal vs WSU game that day.


sf4 and t6br are japanese sticks
sf4 has sanwa buttons and the rest of the games are happ everything

i believe…


i’m going to be playing scrubby zangief in this tournament


every character you play is scrubby fool.

i’m going to bet money that imma get peaced out.



What entry fee do you think is best for tournaments?

What entry fee do you think is best for tournaments?

This depends on the type of tournament it is. Whether it be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even annually.

From past experience these fees worked best for the community these days:

Daily - $1 w/ winner takes all
Weekly - $2-3 w/ winner takes all
Bi-weekly - $5
Monthly - $5-10
Annual - $10-20


Don’t trip, just keep talking shit the whole way through the tournament, for all 0 wins and 2 losses (jk, but fools will sleep on you now <3 )

On the serious end, will payout be the standard 70/20/10? Just clarifying.


Few things I had questions about:

  1. Regarding the big screen for SFIV, would this only be for the audience to view? Curious since its hard to see the screen on the current cabs while sitting down to play due to the angle.

  2. Will all games be single elimination games?

Thanks for putting this on guys!




Are you sure SF4 has sanwa buttons?


i’ll try and make this.


prettttty sure. if not, they’re really close to feeling like sanwas. ask OCEguy since he’s the man at the rack n cue.

hey OCEguy, are the buttons on sf4 sanwa?


We gotta prove who ReALLY graduated from sf state



I made some edits above, but I wanted to post a seperate reply too.

  1. Prize money split is 70/20/10

  2. The additional screens are for audience only. The players will be using the screens that are on the machines right now. Also, I spoke too soon, the additional screens may not be big screens. It depends on what the A/V department has.

  3. SF4 & BB have Sanwa joystick and buttons. T6 has Sanwa joystick, Happ buttons. The other SF games have all Happ. I’ll be there at the start and through out the tourney in case there are any problems.

  4. All games will be double elimination. If we have too many entries for any game we may go 1 of 1 on the winner side for a couple rounds.


If anything you should just cap the tournament to like a certain amount of entries. Maybe even having another setup may make things go alot easier if anyone wants to bring a console and tv.