San Francisco Street Fighter - San Rafael, CA Nov. 20, 2009


BayWay Entertainment & The Biz Presents:
Sponsored by S.R.D. Clothing
Nov. 20th, 2009


Bay Area Sound Studios
85 Mitchell Blvd
San Rafael, CA 94903

Registration: $13
Pre-register before the event for $3 off! (see below)
starts at 12pm

Prize Money:
First Place: $200*
Second Place: $75
Third Place: $25

*1st place also wins free registration for SFSF July 2010 Tourney for a chance to compete for airline tickets to Las Vegas & paid registration for Evo 2010!

Tournament winners also win free shirts from S.R.D.

Pre-register now for $3 off tournament fee! E-mail with your full name, handle, city, and phone number. Fees paid during sign in.

Additional Info

  • SFIV will be the only game played at the tournament
  • We will be running on Xbox 360s; bring your own joystick/pads & necessary adapters
  • Casual games & money matches will be available once stations open up during semi-finals
  • Semi/Grand Final matches will be shown on the big screen projector and sound system
  • Matches recorded for YouTube
  • S.R.D. Clothing will be there selling their latest line-up, along with custom SFSF shirts
  • Food Vendor
  • DJ’s in the mix

Tournament Rules

SFSF is a double elimination tournament. Matches consist of 2 out of 3 the games. Best of 3 rounds, 99 time limit. Finals consist of 3 out of 5 matches. Both players have to mutually agree on which side they’ll play on (1P/2P); if they cannot come to an agreement, a coin toss will determine who gets to pick their side. Blind pick will be enforced by the judge unless both players request standard selection. Programmable controls are banned; button macros (i.e. PPP/KKK) are fine. Pausing the game counts as a forfeit of the round unless opponent chooses to waive this option. Console characters are allowed. Random stage will be used.

Check out for up to date information.


Hello, I am interested.

How many set-ups will you have for the tournament?


8 stations will be set up. Thanks for your e-mail man, I got u registered!


This sounds good. Right in my backyard. See you there.


Fosho, thanks for the e-mail!


hey peezy i sent you an email. would you be interested in some casual games sometime?


Definitely! But unfortunately, i just got red ring’d lol. I’m tryna get it fixed asap. We could get some matches on during the tourney too if you’d like.

Thanks for e-mailing!


o wow well you should get that done so you can practice before the tourny…about what skill level do you think most people will be? im about a g2-A in championship mode


Yeah i’m on it. As far as skill level, I’m willing to bet they’ll be some good competition


Should post this up in the Pac North Forums.

Marin is pretty close to Sonoma, The East Bay and SF, so a lot of players should roll to this.


Thanks for the tip! Just posted it up there.