San Jose California Fanime


i was wondering if anyone knows if there will be a ssf4 tournament held at fanime this year and if so what system will it be played on.thanks


:lol: I don’t think anyone here would know unless they work for/with fanime but I’m sure they probably will have it this year. I’ll be there for sure. But the place you want to go to ask that question is the fanime forums themselves. FanimeCon 2011 Forums - Index I believe it’s under the live programming and events under E-Gaming. :cool:


They have done SFIV/SSFIV the past two years so I don’t see an exception to that this upcoming year.

also going this year for sure


thanks guys . i havent been to fanime in 2 years last time i was there they had the 4 stand up cabs of nilla. that was like 3 years ago, ha