San Jose State Tourney Results MVC2 Only 4-12-08

1st place. Crizzle aka Crizzle Wong Ftw
2nd place. Chunksta aka stompa
3rd place. WooMighty aka WooGrimey

GF Crizzle vs Chunk 3-1 3-2 Crizzle wins n Comes back from loosers good shit Crizzle

WF Chunk vs Crizzle 3-2 Chunk takes it

LF Crizzle vs WooMighty 3-2 Crizle takes it

Nor Cal Marvel is Hype…

any matches recorded?

crizzle also beat chunk and CABLESPY for money at SJSU.

CableSPY was not able to touch crizzle from what i heard.

msp warrior!