San Jose State Tourney - Sat 3/13/10

Hey All,

This is the first tourney this semester for SJSU. (Hopefully not the last)

GGAC (if there’s enough interest, at least 8 people))

Entry Fee: $10 per game (all of it goes to prize money)

Prize Money: 70/20/10 to the top 3

Registration: 12:30-1:30pm

Tourneys start: 2pm

Everything under 32 entries will be double elimination. Above that will be determined on site. Any games with less than 8 people will be cancelled. Also the games will be pay to play.

Hope to see you guys there.

As usually, if you can help out let me know.

i’m there.
any news about sanwa parts coming in soon eric? =]

Count me in for this one.

I’ve been hosting monthly - GGAC/MBAA - ranbats since January, 2010; we’ve been averaging turnouts at 20-30 people. If you decide to put GGAC on the venue, then I will do everything - in my power - to advertise this event…we also do live streams. Will this be on console?

Edit: Just FYI, BBCS is hosting their 2v2 team tournaments on the same day.

About fuckin time lol! I’ll try my best to be there.

It’s in the arcade. Anyway I’ll show up, if not for GG then just to watch SF4 XP.

sounds like fun. hella entry fee!

whoa, didnt see this. ill try to be there! good luck guys!

I’ll do it

Should be there for sf4

I’ll try to be there!

GGAC is on. It will only be cancelled if we don’t get enough signups that day.

I may show for GGAC and CvS2


I might come down to this just to see LB’s Sol Badguy. COME ON! You played back in the day, right?

will this be console? noob question but i never been there =/

i will b there For SF4 if ne other game doesnt have enuff could there be HD Remix?

This is not a console tournament you will be using the arcade machine, and is pay to play. That means you have to pay for each time your match is up. OCEGuy forgot to mention it in his post.


Alright. How many people are you looking for to make the tournament official? Another question, is the $10 entry part of a venue fee or is there none?