San Jose State Tourney - Sat. April, 12th

son…i think ima enter all of them…may b not 3rd strike though and i havent touched tekken in decades but it never hurts to see the compitition. Count me in

3S: h2h?!?! are you serious?

Is that gonna be a permanent setup or just for the tourney?


Now no one will have an excuse that someone react to their body or hand movements.

how many marvel players goin? i can get a few to go. but i want to be sure that there gonna be people to at least have the tourney.

This will be a long term set up, but it may not be ready for the tourney.

we’ve never had to cancel the MvC2 tourney. There should be plenty of people playing.

I’ll be there fah sho:woot:

I’ll money match anyone in puzzle fighter.

ill mm you in marvel for $5? haha
who else is goin chunk?

I typically don’t complain, but the 1P side of 3s was jacked up last time(last tournment). This won’t be a issue correct? Or will the H2H stick be in fighting condition?

The controls are broken on Cvs2 again. 1P side MK doesn’t work. I was at SJSU this Tuesday and the controls were great until I took a break, came back, and it was broken.


3s 1st player fierce punch is busted
GGXX AC 1st player stick [from what I hear] is having problems with dashing/running to the right side/direction
CvS2 1st player medium kick is also busted

Thanks. :wonder:

:lol: are all these tournies on console? or arcade?

this one is arcade

Tilts will be Arcade

Axis will be Console


Can anyone help us host? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top!

Capcom vs SNK 2
Guilty Gear XX: #Accent Core
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Tekken 5.2: Dark Resurection

I got 3S.

Do it!

I dunno who else is going.

I wanna go here to practice tonight. Anyone wanna go with me?

what up crackfiend its been a while come to keystone 2nite

does anybody know if the sticks for GGAC are 360 or japanese style? please reply!


thank you very much for the info!


26 Entrants

  1. Ricky
  2. Leezy
  3. Wis
  4. Choir Boi
  5. Magic Man
  6. Crackfiend
  7. 4D
  8. Harder Gay
  9. JP
  10. SeeJay
  11. Van
  12. Phil
  13. J.J. Ortiz
  14. David R.
  15. Emphy
  16. Allen
  17. Abraham
  18. BBoyKilo
  19. T.J.
  20. LamerBoi
  21. Junior
  22. Tyram
  23. Kiel M.
  24. Kyle Boyd
  25. NoodleCulture
  26. Big Dick Martinez

GGs everyone.

Wis…good shit going home early…
Dave…Wis was supposed to go home early…
Charlie - get some sleep
SeeJay & Jimmy - good shit. Marvel/3s players are comin’ up
"Van" must mean random in some asian language…
John…what happened?

Thank you to everyone who came out…makin’ CVS look popular again.

Thanks to Eric for holding another tournament and makin’ sure shit works.

Lastly, Kiel M. - Dude, where’d you go? $5 = at least 2 games…Thanks for coming out, though.