San Marcos PC Gamelink Thread

PC Game Link
718 Rancho Santa Fe Rd.
San Marcos, Ca 92078

Making this thread for pc gamelink trying to spread the word around and get some good comp to come down. Really chiil place to play at, and the owner, his name is John, is way chill. Two T.V. setup with couch and chairs. Consoles they have are ps2, xbox, and gc. Games they play are 3s, cvs2, mvc2, st or ae, ssbm. Trying to get a dc in for mvc2. Usually it’s BYOC, but they do have two sf aniversary sticks with new happ buttons just put on a week ago. They’ve held tournaments before and are looking to hold more. For any of you that have played here before please post what you think of the place or if you have any suggestions because the owner keeps an open ear. They’re open every day. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday open til midnight. Come down and check it out.

Last tourny they held was preety sick, chill place, cool owner, not a bad turn out in people.

would you guys be down for another tourney if they had one

I would be, and Im preety sure even a bigger turn out if you throw in Marvel this time. Try posting in San Diego Mudd Club thread see who responds.

John and I were talking today about throwing another tourney most likely in the first week of june and adding in mvc2 and cvs2 in additiion to 3s and st. He said it would be cool. How is mudd club anyway still haven’t gotten the chance to check it out

I believe I was at their most recent tournament.
(Peeps who don’t know I was the guy in the suit)

I really liked the place. I had a little bit of trouble finding it but only because Gerald gave me backwards ass directions. (jk). Anyway, it’s a nice place. Standard Internet place. A couch out in front with a table. All PC’s set up in the background.

John (the manager) is a cool cat and he updated the tournament results as they came and he recorded the finals then posted them up on YouTube pretty quickly. There is a soda machine in back for all your thirst needs.

If John really wants suggestions I would say maybe a more stable table for all the people who put their sticks on it. It wasn’t really a problem but noticeable. Also, if more people show up regularly, I guess more seats? That’s about it.

I’ll roll up for a tournament. I want revenge on Viscant. I won’t make the stupid mistake of thinking my Oro can take a Chun easier than my Ryu can. Speaking of which-

Viscant - Hope you didn’t think me switching up my Ryu/Akuma team to Oro/Akuma was me taking you lightly. I really thought my Oro with SAIII would be more up to par to a Chun than my Ryu. Obviously, I was wrong, but hey always next time.

Anyway, yea, Put together another tourney. It would be fun.

Tourney date set

Thanks tenchi for the comments.
I will see what we can do about the table.

Tenchi, I think I played you in the last tournament. I was the noob ken playing your akuma. Would you be down for some akuma matches sometime this week?

I’ll post about this at smashboards. SD has a good smash scene, and they’re always up for smash and maybe even other games. I’m guessing wednesdays, fridays, and saturdays are the days to play fighting games here(?)…

I’m always down for some casuals. Let me know what works for you.
I’ll PM you my AIM.

gg today tenchi. thanks for taking some time (and gas) to teach a noob.
also i have your shades, i’ll give them back to you at the tourney.

anyone else hear about evo west being at comic con this year?

Backward ass directions -_-; haha good shit Tenchi, but yeah Evo West is in San Diego, if you visit the Mudd Club thread Matt posted the link for it.

thanks gerald

I just read through the thread about the new location of evo west, and this is awesome news. I’ll be there fo sho’, but I gotta hit up game link to cram in a LOT of practice in a small amount of time.

post up when you go. i need to get as much practice in as possible

Hey Bryan, no problem. Always willing to help someone learn the ropes of some 3S action. Just know that next time I see you it will be to destroy you and not help you. :rofl: So up your game, especially now that EvoWest is going to be in San Diego this year. Thanks for holding on to my shades.


Been here a couple times…the place is really cool and laid back. Havent been in a while though cause last time i went on wednesday there was no1 there so ya post up if/when youre going to be there and ill try to get over there. I’d be down for 3s, ST, Kof11 and if any1 else plays im always down for guilty gear.

Will anybody be going to gamelink anytime this week for casuals? I need to rack up loads of experience…I have like almost none lol. I live like 5min away and I’m usually bored. I’m down for 3S and maybe smash if anyone’s interested.

Oh yeah, does it cost anything to go in and play casuals?

Play Bryan (aka Abomination) He is a pretty cool cat and has a good handle of the game. I believe he doesn’t live far from PCGL either.

i’m gonna head up there on wednesday if anyone wants to get some 3s or cvs2 casuals in. i’ll be there at 1pm. til whenever. post up if your down