San ramon 925 gathering right now


Wassup im drunk. Were doing a session in san ramon right now at paul shytzoos house. It’s about 15-20 mins from oakland about 45 from san jose. Chrisis is here and he wants marvel challengers. Motherfuckers better come thru. we are also playing AE. and some 3s if anyone wants to play. We’re gonna be playing for a long time.

call or text paul at 925-768-2649 or me at 925-360-1117

bring beer


How often you guys gonna be throwing these?


Damn if i new this was happening i wouldve ben there

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Gonna try to have these more often. I had to finalize some move out shit with my ex… so I just threw the session together at the last second cause I wanted to get fucked up. Ill keep it posted when I have another




Once kof13 drops on console that’s predominantly what were playing. Cause yuri is the best


Hopefully, the console version will have access to diagonal direction inputs.


Sup shytzooz! This is JB (viper player from finalbout) I was wondering if you will be having any sessions this weekend? Why didn’t you guys come last tourney?


Probably not this weekend. Couldn’t make it out to the last one cause I needed to drink and couldn’t get a ride out there=/


There is another tourney this Friday. Y’all should roll thru. We can get shit faced!


i got KoF13 to start working… all diagonals and everything… i shall be a ghost from now on hahhaa… no more sf4 for me


Man, did not know this was going down last Sat. And did I hear Virtua Fighter?! GG would be on that shit. I’ve got KoF 13 working with diagonals, too. Still feels a little stiff, but very playable.


yeah… finally figured out how to go into training mode too… in the lab with yuri and mai at the moment. my king already has some nice b&b’s. gonna decide if i want to pick up kyo again, since he used to be my old powerhouse… i miss blue mary =(


Yeah, I would love to see Mary and Vanessa in this. I’m using Vice, Liz, K’ and Robert atm. Loving Vice’s ex hcf+k combos.


Hopefully I can get more people to play Virtua Fighter. That game deserves to be played, especially when FS hits.

Damn straight! Respect the dive kick!! She’s easily one of my mains.


hell yea. dude yuri has been the best in every KoF game… and now her corner combos are devastating with the saiha combos… mmmmm


SERIALLY… session today… probably starting at around 6. Im in san ramon, literally like right off the bollinger canyon exit. if you wanna come, call me: 925-768-2649. I’ll give you directions and shit. we can hold about 12-15 peeps. well be running AE, KoF13, 3S, and maybe VF5. we’ll run til about 2am. there will be alcohol. i will be drunk. come and get bodied by devyns lame ass makoto.


Dang, people from Freedemonia are in San Francisco right now and I’m holed up in the library at school; maybe next time for us?

Also, I’mma text you Jorge’s number.


good shit last night guys! LOL @ Paul. “I’m getting you a Makoto hentai poster.”


haha dude… last night was good. i got drunk as hell. and yeah… damn devyn and his love for makoto hentai.