SanDiego: Paradise Hills Showdown 3 Results

SF4: 34 people
SF2HDR: 11 people
SF3s:12 people

Street Fighter 4
1st. Bobino- Rufush/Balrog/Seth
2nd. Viscant- Blanka/Zangief
3rd. shglbmx- Blanka
4th. Filthy Rich- Crimson Viper
5th. Wolf_1
5th FuSon
7th. Jason Rose
7th. Chris LI

Street Fighter 2 HD Remix
1st. Viscant
2nd. Wolf_1
3rd. Chris Li
4th. bcchoi
5th. Shoo
5th. Alexman
7th. laceysan
7th. Marc J

Street Fighter 3rd Strike
1st. Let Blood Run
2nd. NNNN
3rd. LGZ?
4th. Chris Li

Thanks for all the people who came out.
Shows that there is a scene in San Diego
Also thanks for all the people who brought tvs and systems

Paradise Hills Showdown 3.5 June or July get hyped

wheres the finals link at???

Wow, i’m on all 3 lists! nice… thanks for letting us over cody, we’ll get some games in on PSN. Sagat vs Rufus all day.

ggs viscant.

Rufush ftw!!

Nice seeing everyone even tho I was only there for 20 minutes X_X

Thanks for doing this for SD cody!

Good shit to cody for runnin this and for accommodating us that shit was too nice man we appreciate it.

and GS to all the placers. NOR SOCAL we da best

aw WTF i wouldve wanted to say hello if i knew you were there

bob bob bob

bob bob


dirty richard with the viper? gs

ggs to all today. i got murked on 3s and HDR. this is why i only play 4, lol.

ggs to everone I played! Cody thanks for hosting!!! I had a lot of fun. And I need to get back into the lab and practice my ass off lol. Until next time.

What’s up with them ranbats???

GG’s to every1 that i played.

thanks for havin the event cody.

everything about that tourny was sick, gg’s all around

thanks for hosting me shiggle and shoo
great tourny
loved the atmosphere
hopefully some of you SF4 players show up to our first AI ranbat this season
its gonna be sick

ggs to everyone

cody thx for hosting, too bad u dont live closer

ggs all

Awesome turnout, it was great to see all these people come out for SF4. It shows that San Diego will always have a real gaming scene. Good games to everyone and thanks to bobino, shiggle, shoo and the others for making the trip and coming down to show us some good stuff. And of course special thanks to Cody for bringing all of us into his place.

Hope to see everyone at AI next Sunday for the start of the 2nd ranbat season.

–Jay Snyder

I guess this is my shout outs, so here I go…

To all the people who drove an hour+ to play thanks for coming out.
Again I am sorry that I didn’t check my e-mails or just did the brackets before you (shoo) sent it.
Just glad all the people agreed to start over, next time for sure I’m going to just print out the brackets.

Bob and Rich- Always a pleasure chilling with you guys, thanks for coming out and taking the money Bob. Rich I didn’t get to play you, your C.Viper looked nuts man lol. Wouldn’t know the first thing to do against her.

Shoo, FuSon, and shglbmx- nice meeting you guys and thanks for coming out, see you guys at AI the 22nd

San Diego- Wow I did not know there was that much people out there that played, but if you want to get better gotta play more than online and do some traveling. But good shit.

Viscant- SD’s hope good shit man, your blanka is nuts.

Good shit all around

Paradise Hills Showdown 3.5 june or july?!?!?!

Thanks again Cody. Surviving the losers brackets was tough. Until next time.


That was a whole lotta fun! Thanks for hosting it, dude!