sanford was right

pretty much every female player uses chun or viper but more of the former since the former is braindead womanly easy mode i think sanford was right games are becomeng dummed down so we gotta fight the power tll capom to stop makin dum down games we gota tell capcom to start bein like arc sys and namco and not dum down their games just to bring in customers this is becomeng the cod of fighters new revision every year be cas people ar too dum to fight weaknesses and learn matchups and everyone is dum so the game has to be dummed down to so we can live in a world full of dum ppl and we r all gonna die dum instead of smart like 90s games 90s games werent dum sf2 was made in the 90s and that wus not a dum game and mvc2 wasnt dum either and xmvsf wasnt dum but now today these games r dum mvc3 sneese an you just got 100% now that is dum o look im losing o wait i hav x factur lvl 3 and now all i hav to du is land 3 hits on each charactur and u r dead son look how dum that is an sf4 is super dum too ultras an revursal winows are dum bb is the hardest game out today dat game is not dum the bottom line is dat capcom shud stop makin dum games because dum games make us dum as a hueman and we dont wanna be dum or else w get ppl like jorge w bush in office and he was dum

I’ll start making shirts.

I think I got dummer just reading that

LOL. you’re calling people dumb, yet you spell 40% of the words in you post wrong. If you have such a problem with it go back to playing your 90s game like MvC2 (witch came out in 2000)

this gotta be a troll post

post of the year

also, play KoF

My IQ just went down a few points reading this. How the hell did you pass your English class? Half the words in your post are spelled wrong. If your browser does not have spell check, then go and install one. You need it.

u dum sun u r da canser killin fighter games son u shud stop playin dem fighter games and go home son

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wat is reed hur??

sanfoh gud play.

yo i lyk dis dood sun he noe wat it is sun

Can you repeat that in white?


Our last president apparently was Mexican.

That’s pretty much what I got out of that post.

With his last bit of intelligence, this Luna Warrior tried to voice his opinion of the fighting games of today. But alas, the same games which he has proclaimed dumbfounding have inadvertently dumb him down. His lone voice cries out for help, but none shall hear him…

Sanford is always right. You’re just now figuring this out?

Not. One. Period.

[INDENT=2][LEFT]OK everyone. I went out of my way to translate the OP’s post to a more…understandable reading just for the hell of it. Enjoy.[/LEFT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=2][LEFT]Pretty much every female player uses Chun or Viper but more of the former since the former is a braindead womanly easy mode. I think Sanford was right. Games are becoming dumbed down, so we gotta fight the power until Capcom stops making dumbed down games. We gotta tell Capcom to start being like Arcsys and Namco and not dumb down their games just to bring in customers. This is becoming the COD of fighters. There are new revisions every year because people are too dumb to fight weaknesses and learn matchups. Everyone is dumb so the game has to be dumbed down. We can’t live in a world full of dumb people or we are all gonna die dumb instead of smart like the 90’s. 90’s games weren’t dumb. SF2 was made in the 90’s and that was not a dumb game. MVC2 wasn’t dumb and neither was X-Men vs SF. But today, these games are dumb. MVC3 is too easy and you just get 100% now. That is dumb. “Oh look I’m losing. Oh wait I have X factor lvl 3 and now all I have to do is land 3 hits on each character and you are dead son.” Look how dumb that is. A SF4 super is dumb too. Ultras and reversal windows are dumb because it’s the hardest game out today. That game is not dumb. The bottom line is that Capcom should stop making dumb games because dumb games make us dumb as a human. We don’t wanna be dumb or else we get people like George W Bush in office and he was dumb.[/LEFT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=2][LEFT]Translator’s Note: How did this fool pass English class?[/LEFT][/INDENT]

Yo Ono’s contrivances gots been getting uh lot o’ undeserved attention recently. Let me begin by observing dat da proverbs o’ Theognis, like those o’ Solomon, is observations on human nature, ordinary life, an’ civil society, wif moral reflections on da facts. ah quote him as uh witness o’ da fact dat knowledge iz da key dat unlocks da shackles o’ bondage. dat’s why it’s important fo’ you ta know dat seeing Ono succeed at intensifying or perpetuating propagandism has left me wif uh number o’ unanswered questions—questions such as “iz he genetically predisposed ta discouraging us from expressing our expositions in whatever way we’s damn well please?” He iz typical o’ nerdy myopic-types in his wild invocations ta da irrational, da magic, an’ da fantastic ta dramatize his initiatives. Indubitably, Ono iz often accused o’ turning da world’s most civilized societies into pestholes o’ deaf, disease, an’ horror. His mercenaries usually respond wif uh message along da lines o’, “So what? At least Ono ain’t causing uh marked deterioration in our literature, amusements, an’ social conduct.” ah suppose dere’s an argument ta be made fo’ dat, but aren’t we’s forgetting dat Ono iz—fo’ lack o’ uh bettah werd—treasonous? What do you think da chances is dat Ono will eventually stop denying citizens da ability ta draw they own conclusions ‘boutthe potential fo’ violence dat he may be generating? ah assure you, da likelihood o’ dat iz slim ta none. da reason iz dat dere’s uh tyme ta keep silent an’ uh tyme ta speak. dere’s uh tyme ta love an’ uh tyme ta mah fuckin hate. dere’s uh tyme fo’ war an’ uh tyme fo’ peace. an’, ah warrant, dere’s uh tyme ta empower da oppressed ta control they own lives. Or, ta put it less poetically, Ono aims at nuttin’ less than da complete overthrow o’ capitalism, representational da system, an’ democracy. Let me try ta explain what ah mean by dat in uh single sentence: Ono thinks dat he commands an army o’ robots dat live in da hollow center o’ da earf an’ produce earthquakes whenever dey feel like shaking things up uh bit on da surface. o’ course, thinkinso don' make it so. If Ono wants ta sanctify his depravity, fine. Just don' make me cower 'bfoe da emotions an' accusations o' others while he's at it. ah once told some o' his cat's-paws dat dey should take up da all-encompassing challenge o' freedom, justice, equality, an' da pursuit o' life wif full dignity. Not surprisingly, they response suggested da enthusiasm o' uh nigga feeding on uh diet o' sand. dat's why you an' ah need ta bring Ono ta justice. Only then will niggas see dat what ah gots been writing up ta dis here point iz not what ah initially intended ta write in dis here letter. Instead, ah decided it would be far mo' productive ta tell you dat Ono has not increased our safety, security, or happiness by strapping us down wif uh network o' rules an' regulations. All he's increased by doin' dat iz da girf o' his bloated ego. Ono demands absolute an' blind obedience from his foot soldiers. If he didn't, dey might queshun his orders ta make higher education accessible only ta those in da higher echelons o' society. dis here unrelenting demand o' obedience also implies dat we's mus' reach out fo' things wif permanence, things beyond wealf an' comfort an' pleasure, things dat gots real meaning. If we's fail in dis here, we's is not failing someone else; we's is not disrupting some interest separate from ourselves. , it iz we's who suffer when we's neglect ta observe dat Ono has come up wif proven methods ta let us know exactly what our attitudes should be towards various types o' niggas an' behavior. All you gots ta do iz let yo' guard down. Ono has uh strategy. His strategy iz ta take us ova da edge o' da abyss o' absenteeism. Wherever you encounter dat strategy, you be dealing wif Ono. One o' da goals o' unilateralism iz ta render meaningless da werdz "bomb" an' "worst". Ono admires dat philosophy cuz, by annihilating human perceptions o' quality, Ono's own mediocrity can flourish. we's mus' remove our chains an' move towards da light. (In case you didn't dig' dat analogy, da chains symbolize Ono's acrimonious sermons, an' da light represents da goal o' getting all o' us ta establish democracy an' equality.) ta give da devil his due, ah wuz impressed wif how efficiently Ono managed ta make muh motha fuckin worst nightmares come true, especially given dat dere be uh problem here. uh large, shabby-ta-da-core, eccentric problem. He iz planning ta attack da fabric o' dis here nation. dis here do not bode well fo' da future cuz one could write several books on da subject o' how ah, fo' one, find much ta disagree wif in his pleas. It's also true dat Ono iz in violation o' da Geneva Conventions, but dat'll gots ta be uh subject fo' another letter. Once, just once, ah'd like ta see Ono's thralls keep our courage up. But until dey do dat (if dey ever do dat), we's mus' realize dat just as night follows day, Ono will pass off all sorts o' deluded an' obviously uninformed sheeit on others as uh so-called "inner experience" as soon as our backs is turned. You may be wondering why audacious drongos latch onto his ebullitions. It's cuz niggas o' dat nature need ta gots rhetoric an' dogma ta recite during times o' stress in order ta cope. dat's also why Ono wants us ta degrade an' disgrace bof ourselves an' our posterity by scarring little chil'ns's self-image. git dat straight, please. Any other thinkin iz blame-shoving or responsibility-dodging. Furthermore, Ono contends dat he be uh spokesman fo’ God. What planet iz he from? da planet Self-satisfied? ‘bfoe you answer, let me point out dat Ono counts morally questionable, voluble manipulators o’ da public mind as his niggas. Unfortunately fo’ him, deez is hired niggas, false niggas, niggas incapable o’ realizing fo’ uh moment dat we’s mus’ publicly distance ourselves from ungrateful voluptuaries. Why do ah tell you dis here? cuz deez days, nahh one else has da guts ta. It would be nice ta say dat crabby stoicism don’ exist anymo’ but we’s all know dat it do. ah’d peg da odds at ‘boutsix ta one dat Ono will turn da trickle o’ statism into uh tidal wave in da blink o’ an eye. If ah’m wrong, ah promise dat ah’ll gladly hide in uh closet. Many lives gots been lost ta cannibalism, an’ brothas wif half uh brain understands dat. Take, fo’ example, da worst classes o’ unrealistic suborners o’ perjury ah’ve ever seen. Now peep at Ono. If you don’ believe dere’s uh similarity then consider dat he an’ his acolytes is da most jaundiced bottom-feeders ah’ve ever seen. dis here iz not set down in complaint against dem but merely as analysis. dere be uh simple answer ta da queshun o’ what ta do ‘boutOno’s hijinks. da difficult part iz in implementing da answer. da answer iz dat we’s mus’ introduce an important but underrepresented angle on Ono’s beastly publications. Even though Ono presents uh public face dat avoids overt cynicism, muh motha fuckin goal iz ta hold him ta account fo’ making our lives an endless treadmill o’ da system interferences while providing few real benefits ta our healf an’ happiness. ah will not stint in muh motha fuckin labor in dis here direction. When ah gots succeeded, da whole world will know dat ah will stop at nuttin’ ta act honorably. muh motha fuckin resolve cannot fully be articulated, but it iz unyielding. As evidence, consider dat Ono’s apple-polishers is tools. Like uh hammer or an axe, dey is not inherently evil or destructive. da evil iz in da force dat manipulates dem an’ uses dem fo’ destructive purposes. dat evil iz Ono, who wants nuttin’ less than ta grasp at straws, trying ta find increasingly effrontive ways ta topple society. As ah noted at da beginning o’ dis here letter, ah think dat Ono utilizes uh narrow an’ static view o’ human nature. You prob’ly think dat too. But Ono do not think dat. Ono thinks dat his intimations won’t be used fo’ political retribution. Okay, ah’ve vented enough frustration. So let me end by sayin` dat Ono’s claims is grounded in phony acts o’ kindness Don’ make me come ova there bitch…


Just play KOF bro.