Sango Fighter!

Does anyone remember Sango Fighter (for PC-DOS)?

That was quite fun


haha, holy crap.

I remember having a shareware version of this back on my shitty ass 486 wayy long ago.

I remember that game was pre-installed in my computer when I bought it. The full Chinese version (as well as a shitload of other games like The Simpsons (shitty port), Double Dragon 3 (shitty port), 4d boxing (good f-ing game), etc… good times). This was waaay back during the days of the 386. Back when there was no dell or shit and you bought computers at shady asian computer stores.

Dian Wei was fucking god tier in that game. His spinning move gave an instant dizzy.

Then Cao Cao with his regular standing punch. Seriously… spam that move over and over in a corner and your opponent can’t do jack.

After him, basically any character with a fast-recovery fireball (Lu Bu, Xiahou Yuan). There was no move priority so if you did a kick or punch with anti-air potential then it would trade hits with your opponents jump kick EVERY single time. So you could throw fireballs and trade hits with your ground attack doing slightly more damage than your opponent’s jump kick , over and over for the win. Without that crap then machao and zhang fei are solid characters…

Guan Yu was shit tier. His moves suck and for some reason some special moves get two hits on him (like the old guy’s shoryuken and guan yu’s own shoryuken lmao).

you know too much about a crappy ass game from like 15 years ago lol

Is it from this dynasty warriors comes?

Whoa, I remember playing this on a friend’s computer way back. It’s one of the first fighting games I played.

Godlike game.

Heheh I had Sango fighter, as well as Super Fighter with Injun Joe…and Sango 2…Good times.


Don’t forget violent fighter and Body Blows (with enter the dragon samples!). “Get goin’ fella!”

speaking of old DOS games, anyone ever play One Must Fall 2097? That one was pretty good actually…

don’t ever say that game’s name… that’s the worst curse… worse than saying twat, cunt, douchebag, fuck, shit, or anything else.

I liked OMF2097 as well. :slight_smile: Heck, my roomates in college also played stick fighter on the PC. (I know, kinda dates me.)


edit you’ll wanna install Dosbox to play it. it’s all free

Just want to say that if music doesn’t work the general midi isn’t setup properly in dosbox, but through install.exe of sango it can be switched to soundblaster/adlib which works fine


Huang Jong kick specialmove is exactly the same as Wolfgang krauser’s scissor kick lol