Sankei interview with Daigo (full transcript)


Some places have reported on this Sankei interview with Daigo Umehara, although I have not seen any full translations of the article floating around. As usual, most outlets are latching on to one part of this interview, which is shitty journalism in my opinion (yes, I?m talking about Slowtaku), so I decided to take a shot at translating the entire article, as I did with the Kamaage interview that Sankei did a few months ago. If you do find something off about my translation, please let me know and I?ll look at the original interview again to double check, thanks!

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Daigo…so humble.



He wasn’t in England last year. Last time he was here was 2004. I remember watching him
play Chunkis at Alpha 3 in trocadero. He’s back here in August of this year for the first time since then. Either a mistranslation or he’s lying!