Sano for mod?

lets face it the guy knows more about SF then any of use will ever know about SF combine, not to mention all the helpful story guides me made so I say Sano for mod.

Oh shit yeah !

Sano is the best member on SRK .

I love the guy like a brother. He is the only guy I have ever seen who cares about helping people.

hm…i don’t know who sano is, but i tend to moderate this forum here and there… though you’ll never know it cuz i’m doing my thing in here.

ok SANO is cool…

Did anyone actually put this to sano?

he might not want this pressure I dunno, but sano is a cool guy I remeber when I first joined here he was the only guy that was cool with me, while others flamed which I was not used to since I never used a forum before.

If sano wants the job, his got my vote.

If he wants the job I can’t think of anyone else more qualified, hes got my vote easily.

he’s coo on the boards… met him briefly at comic con, he knows his ish… sano’s got my vote

I’d be down with the idea.

Wow, right now via PMs and what not it’s like I’m caught in some of tug of war between Members of Studio Udon wanting me to post more over at SFD’s forum and people here wanting me to mod… I really appreciate everyone being so nice to me on both sides.

I’d like to post on both SF comic boards equally, but if enough people want me to mod I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Anyone who wants me to be a mod contact the current SRK mods and ask them if that’s what they want I guess. I think you’d have to contact Mr. Wizard, not exactly sure how that would work. One of Erik Ko’s complaints to me about this forum was the lack of it being modded regularly, he couldn’t do it himself due to his busy schedule.

I’ll try and be fair and let everyone get their voices heard if and if that happens…

He gets myy vote. For sure,

Wow, people post things in SFD’s forum?


hopefully, you can take the pressure too Sano. I dont want you to end up like Udon and leave us for dead again cause of our cruel disrespectful, awful, unloyalty, meanie, no good behavior, and maniac lunatic comments. other than that, im down as Sano for moderate.

Sano says he won’t leave us, I read what he writes…he’s my god…lol, but he would be a great mod here! He gives off (in text form) such a nice attitude

Yeah he gets my vote. You, me, third strike comic, what say you. haha.

Lol, honestly I don’t make the comic or work for Capcom so if I become a mod you can say whatever you want about them. Now if you start attacking my real job at work then we will have problems! :rofl: Seriously, just keep the regular SRK rules in mind, like no racism and what not. I really just want to avoid stuff like that what’s her face Cammy fan that was racist against homosexuals and the “Is Dudley Black” thread, things like this don’t happen often but when they do someone seriously needs to step in, even if it’s not me who becomes the mod.

I asked Mrwizard and Omni about being a mod, guess I gotta wait…

Everybody likes sano, so I say SANO 4 PREZ!! Four More Years and all that shit!!!

…No…what? Everyone else was saying ‘yes’, there has to be someone that says “no” and I decided to take it upon myself. Please don’t hate me.

Yeah I have to have some more enemies out there somewhere, come forth! :rofl:

Serioulsy I feel there sure is a lot of drama going on right now, I really need to think this through. I’ll play it by ear for now, no promises, sorry… thanks for the support everyone I really appreciate it.

I would have struck you down since you asked but if Maligore casts his lot with you then you’re cool by me :bgrin:

…and besides that you know your shit so I don’t see why it won’t happen unless Wiz just wants to fuck with this board. Although Pryde is SRK’s #1 ninja mod, he mods all over and you never know he was there :confused:

That’s why he’s perfect, although if there was a choice to make someone a mod here, I’d choose Tiamat. It’d give him an excuse to come to SRK more often and even drop some SF plotline bombs on ignorant fools. :slight_smile:


:wgrin: coo glad you like the idea sano lol :angel: I see no better person for the job.

I had a idea with all your vast knowledge of SF you could write a story starting from the days of goutesu training to the end days of 3s every week you progress the story lol… since you know all the actual endings that happen in each game and all the little side storys that are “offically”, from capcom i bet it be a good read especailly if you go in detail with it…

but yea… sano for mod! :slight_smile: