SANO! Translation of Ryu Final (well a preview anyway)

You know, if you check the forums for the Ryu Final Manga over at Mangaqwest me and fellow SRK poster Gabrielzero were on their backs for a minute to start the thing, we might of been a bit cruel (Okay maybe I was…) but the sites been around since last fall and just now they started previews of Bone and Ryu Final. I was SURE to tell them there were a butt load of SRK, MMCAFE, Gamefaqs and snk-capcom people waiting on this, and I guess we are still waiting but this still RULES! FINALLY AFTER WHAT FEELS LIKE A BAZILLION YEARS A RYU FINAL SCANLATION!!!

Anyway, I encourage everyone to please sign up over at the boards at mangaqwest, tell them how you feel and encourage them to get this project under way, the forum only has like a handful of members, I can mention all of the online members waiting on this until I’m blue in the face but to actually hear from them would be nice and might speed things up.

Now to tell ALL OF MY INTERNET FRIENDS this thing has started and then to download the pages to my PSP. :slight_smile:

web site seems down… :frowning:

Guess it’s not just me then. :sad:

It was working for me last night and not now, maybe 'cuz I was on my home pc and I’m a member. I saved the scans of the translated pages (didn’t bother with the cover scans since I have the book) - I’ll post them here soon.

Is there anywhere to d/l the sf comics? I’m tryna catch up, and that ryu final looks interesting

Honestly, the easiest way to get Nakahira Masahiko’s Street Fighter-related manga is to buy them on eBay (Shinseisha, the company that published them, went out of business in 1999, so it’s next-to-impossible to find them in American branches of Japanese bookstores).

The first volume of Street Fighter III -RYU FINAL- (a 2-vol. series) is on eBay right now (I’m not familiar with the seller), and videogameya (a very reputable seller) has both vols of Nakahira’s Street Fighter ZERO manga, both vols of his Sakura Ganbaru! manga, and a Tekken Comic Anthology featuring a cover illustration and a short manga contribution by Nakahira. You might want to email videogameya directly and ask if he’s got Street Fighter III -RYU FINAL- available (perhaps in a soon-to-be-posted auction). For more info on Nakahira’s SF-related manga, see this thread.


website expired.

I guess Ryu Final was too big for them. I hope the translators find another way to get these up.