Santa Clara/San Jose Casuals?


Hey I’m going to be in the Santa Clara area for a business trip the week on Dec. 18th. Do you guys have any regular casuals going on there? I checked the forums but I could find anything newer than 2010 :frowning:


In this area of Northern California, with Santa Clara County, Milpitas, and San Jose, there are some local events going around.

There is Sunnyvale Goftland right on El Camino Real, (I believe), and there is the more popular and crowd attracted Milpitas Goftland, right on Jacklin Road when you exit off of 680 North.

Other than that though, I’m down to invite people over to my house and play. What games do you play bro?


Thanks for the reply! I mainly play AE, but i’m competent in Mahvel and MK. I’m getting in late tomorrow night. I’ll definitely check out those spots.


just making sure you know, this is the pacific south section…

check out pacific north or post in there for more norcal people haha