Santa Clara University

Anyone go to SCU that plays SSF4? Me and a friend have been looking for other people to play with and it just doesn’t feel like the game is that popular there since I haven’t met any other players. If anyone is interested in getting some casuals in when classes roll around next month let me know and we’ll get something together.

Run a session on like Tuesday or something, or attend some other sessions to start building up hype then build a community in yo area. There’s plenty of activity happening all the time in the South Bay. Seriously though, there’s a lot of activity.

Well sir I am the other friend. that sounds like a good idea. We are trying to see if there is anyone in our school willing to play street fighter with us.

And I was also thinking we have the option to play other games as well. We also play MVC2 and TVC. We just arent good in them. Well im not at least. We also paly some brawl. So if anyone is interested please join us. Also there is sum blazeblue going on as well if you want to play that

It is just the two of us.

i know ONE person at Santa Clara University… but yeah . if its just u two so far, should go to sum close by sessions that u can find on the thread then host ur own to get sum exposure

Alrite we will definetly do that. I posted in the sjsu thread so we can maybe try to go there sometime. If you dont mind would you tell us who else goes to scu and plays street fighter. Do you ahve thier srk name

you guys should also go to sunnyvale golfland, belive it or not, they have super on freeplay and i think they are going to continue that until the arcade release in december, really cool promotion on svgl’s part

I wasn’t necessarily looking to host casuals when I posted this more just looking to see if there are people at the university around to play matches with. I wouldn’t have a problem with it the only thing is I’m worried there wouldn’t be enough space and at an optimistic maximum I would be able to support two setups but thats not even for sure. In any case, we will definitely be going to other activity in the south bay regardless and thanks for the input Magnus02.

Really?? When did that happen? I’ve been there a couple times but never seen that.

Who do you know at SCU?

i’m down for scu

im having a session this friday if you guys want to roll through PM me

shes a girl. she plays a lil bit of street fighter… haha

Nice man good to hear someones interested. Classes begin September 20th so it won’t be yet for another month.

Right now I’m in the east bay so it’s a little of a stretch for me to come out but not completely out of the question. As it turns out I’m busy this friday anyway but my friend may want to go. Feel free to add me on psn if you want to play a couple matches. Are you planning on hosting sessions regularly?

If she’s interested in some ssf4 ever let her know about us. We aren’t too concerned about how serious people are about the game lol

Sweet new friend. Alright hit us up whenever man.

I actually cant this friday or next. but the week after that im good. Im helping a friend move to berkely this weekend so yea im out. ill be at the golfland freeplay tonte though

Dude thats awesome. Fasho. tell her to hit us up sometime. is she on the forum.