Santa Cruz


Anyone on here from SC? I go to the BW occasionally but the chance of running into any competition there is slim to nil. The sticks at the BW suck ass and there are no other machines around. Im thinking of starting some small get togethers at my place. I personally only play CvS2 but i got a few other games too (T5:DR, TTT, 3S, MvC2).

anyways if you are interested send me a PM or an email.


Edit: Adding XBL/PSN list
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Not from SC but I’m there a lot every month. My girlfriend goes to school at UCSC so I’m there visiting every couple weeks.

Did they fix the machines at the BW yet? I mostly play CVS2 and the machine had been off for almost the entire week when I was last there.

Hit me up (PM) if you ever do in-house stuff. I mostly play CVS2 but I’m usually up for the usual stuff (MVC2, 3S, T5DR, GGXX, etc.)


I’m down whenever I’m in the area. I have friends there so I’m there every so often. Dunno what BW is tho. I play MvC2 (havn’t touched it seriously in 6 - 7 months) and CvS2 which I havn’t touched in a much longer time.


i went to the boardwalk once. the sticks and cabinet there are ass. don’t go. i play marvel, 3s, and a little cvs2 and go to skool on campus. there are actually a couple of us that really play so get at me whenever ur down to play. we have sticks too so if u dont have any we got it covered.


i’m still the king of the 831

that’s riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.


i’m attending UCSC right now. I play 3s here with people in the dorms but barely any comp here. the BW is horrible. they dont really take care pf their stuff there. If you want competition, your best bet is going to SVGL out of SC.


i went to the boardwalk a week ago and played some cvs2. it sucks there =(


yes BW sucks ass. I graduated UCSC like a year or two ago…

Shoot me an email sometime and we can get together and play, im down whenever. Also if you live in dorms i got a place off campus on the east side we can play at. Makes it easier to get drunk and fucked up while playing if off campus :slight_smile:

send me a PM and we can play sometime…

shit its sunday morning, hit me up soon and we can maybe get together today.


Yo junker, I went to UCSC, visiting on the 5th, you have 2 sticks and want to play someone who can play 3s right, let me know.


Hmm, I might visit on my spring break. I have a friend down in UCSC.


this weekend im gonna try to have some ppl at my house for some CvS2 action. If you’re in SC shoot me a PM on here. Im thinking saturday…friday night got a poker game


Hey Sal this is Junior, John Hunters friend. Bw cvs 2 comp is usually on fridays after 9. Im always down to play cvs 2.


So when ya’ll playin again, plant lab or din0s, Korng0? I need some serious practice to get the cobwebs and rust out before visiting my home state! Plus I’m hoping to attend Evo this year.

Hawaii/Norcal whut!?


i go to ucsc couple times a month to visit my gf. if anyone in the dorms want to play or something lemme know. i dont have a stick though =/. i’ll also let you guys know ahead of time when imma head down there.


Hi junior!

I still play tekken with john hunter at the boardwalk sometimes. Sometimes he’s a problem drinker, sometimes not.

Lol last time we played he said ‘fuuuuck!’ and looked over, saw the little kid and her parents, and then next words out of his mouth, 'I can’t fuckin…'
love that guy.


you stay in Santa Cruz now!?!!?! whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

we play at chunk’s mostly now!!! hit him up, we be gaming alot alot alot!!! you definetely need to play with us 1 time before you dip back to hawaii!! =D


I’m going to be in Santa Cruz on Sunday visiting some friends. I might be able to meet up with you guys. let me know if you’re interested.


Yo Sal, I ran into Chris at the BW a couple hours ago.

We exchanged numbers just in case you guys get any in-house stuff together in the future.

I’m usually in the SC area visiting my girlfriend a couple weekends a month, so I’ll hit you guys up the next time I’m here.


WHO’s in SC FOR SPRING BREAK?? imma be there from 21-26 i need some crack in my system!! (cvs2,mvc2,ssbm)


Is anyone going to be at the Boardwalk (i think that’swhat its called) tomorrow, Friday like around 7pm? I play CvS2, but if the sticks are bad, then I wont go. So are the sticks that bad? What is wrong with the machine?

Y’all take it easy