Santa Cruz

sup guys, I haven’t been on here in awhile… but im down to play some MVC3 or 3S online or offline if we can get something set up. my skills are not the greatest but i am always looking for ways to improve! ScLonewolf is the xbl tag btw

Yo SC. I went to a tourney/casual gathering down in SD this week and was running all over these fools. Looks like our game is pretty good.

Lonewolf, I think i’ve played you online a few times and wondered if the SC was for Santa Cruz or South Carolina. When i get back to SC this weekend we can get a 3S/AE session going at my place. I’m ass at marvel tho, so i don’t really play that shit. Jpchato is mad good in it though.

add corey if you want to get beasted on at 3s. he’s helping me learn the game. working on my Q right now. a lot like bison, but really terrible and no nice combos,

good to know i gave you some good experience alex :slight_smile:

Internet dojo tonight for 3s, get on that mic. I have everyone’s gamertags so if you’re online I’ll send you an add.

8PM - ???

Ah shit! I let my cousins borrow my 360 for a short while because theirs broken down to pieces lol
Next time! I will return to SC next week though, and i’ll be down for some 3s and/or AE!

I suck at 3s, I can mildly parry supers, my parry technique consist of REALLY good guessing game lmao
But if I catch you with Oro juggles, you’re dead meat!!

Fosho Alberto. My 3s game consists of accidental parries and no super art usage if I’m on the 1P side. Somehow i still mollywop most of them random 3s scrubs online.
I’m trying to get some games in this weekend when I get back up to SC. I’ll be hitting Jpchato up fosho for some AE/3s sessions. anyone else is always welcome to join.

on a side note, I just bought this on an impulse: Sold

and now need to sell my 360 and PS3 TE’s to justify buying it. Anyone looking to buy?

if anyone is down for some 3s during the day today let me know.

note. guessing in 3rd strike is really bad. don’t do it.

That’s a very nice Fightstick, bro. Good stuff!
Since I haven’t gotten back my stick, I’ve been playing 3s on controller LOL
I have to say, doing supers on controllers is like 10X easier than on stick!! It feels like AE settings for inputs, seriously.

@Neiman: I guess guessing is pretty bad hearing it from a veteran. I usually pay attention to a player’s habits when I get in on them, like, “do they hit high/low first?” and then the very next time I go in, I parry whichever high/low I noticed first – it works most of the time, and it’s very helpful when I try to do my Oro juggles into Stone Super to take out like 60-70% health :slight_smile:

Is anyone down to do anything in Santa Cruz tonight? I recently came back down and pretty bored. Unfortunately my place is unavailable to play nor do I have my ps3 or stick. So yeah, here’s my cell if anyone wants to text me 415-871-5468.

Anyone down for some games today? Got into SC last night

i’m down, alex. i’ll hit you up when i get off work. we got to get some 3s going. i haven’t played sf4 since…well, since we last played :confused:

q will be waiting :nunchuck:

F’sho breh. hit me up

I’m lovin’ online, you guys should get at me tomorrow night. Corey that includes you :o

who’s down for a fat session on wednesday or thursday? I know most of the ucsc guys should be getting back soon.

I’d be down for wednesday i think i’m free. just tell/text me where and when!

Wednesday I’m free after 9PM, but mark my words it will be fat. Like, you don’t even know, dude.

Thursday I can also do after 4 - ???

I think I should be free Wednesday or Friday. I’d be willing to play 3s if you guys teach me.

You guys mostly playing 3s or still playing MvC3?

Never been a fan of 3s, i’m terrible at marvel but enjoy getting my ass handed to me lol.

^ CvS2 is really the only vs game I can stomach. Not even sure about SFxT. Its 3s and IV:AE up in here, but I’m getting really bored of IV after a couple weeks of 3rd strike (don’t really want to go back to it ever, lol.)

Everyone should get on the third strike clan. Ian, Corey Jesse and I have been pretty active, and I’d love to get the rest of the crew leveling up as well. Text me if late-night wednesday meeting is possible, otherwise pretty much anytime thursday or friday works perfect for me (831) 419-6646

ok, wednesday is sounding like the day to do this. we can do it at my place but my place is small and there are going to be lots of people sitting on the floor. does anyone have a nicer location to do this at?

@smazz: i play everything and anything. i love fighting games. lately, i’ve been playing 3s and AE but I’ve been fiending to brush up on my mvc3 skills cuz santa cruz mvc3 was super slow during the summer. i mostly leveled the fuck up playing against alex’s balrog.