Santa Hat all the AVs 2016


Santa hat me.


Thanks for the replies!

To Do

[] The Furious One
] Slurmz
[] Cyntalan
] Missing Person

Will do 'em tonight after work (i.e. 12 hours from now)

Haha, was hard enough for me, to wait 'til November to start saying Merry Christmas! :hang_loose:


Here you go!


Thanks man, and Merry Christmas :tup:


Me please :slight_smile:
Kendoka’s celebrate xmas too!


Yes they do! Here you go:




LMFAO at taking santa hats off your avs at all

4 yrs going strong


IKR haha :smiley: Santa Hat Master Race



Santa hats suck.



It’s okay @Raz0r just prefers cocks.



Could I have a hat please?


Merry Christmas! :smiley:


Hell yeah, thanks


Por pavor… please update my AV :china: :bow:


TIL I don’t know what to do with afros and hats lol


Am I too late, lol


YoOO…thanks for the hook-up @savaii64 ! Here ya go man, how to properly fold dem shirts like a pro. :tup:



All good!


Yo, my game’s just been upped! :smiley:


We’re getting even closer to Christmas!

Merry CHRISTMAS to all of you!!!

In case I miss anyone (this weekend’s gonna be busy for all), I apologize in advance. Any requests made after Christmas will still be done, idc, haha! :smiley: