Santa hats for everyone

I’ll have one to go please.


me too.

Put a limegreenpenis on his santa hat pls

sorry for breaking the line order but this one is so easy i wanted to knock it out first

though i don’t know if magneto should get one. he’s jewish.

i also resized your avatar so it should appear larger and less blurry.


Btw, what are the dashes above and below Dormammu’s hat? I think I understand the point that he has a flaming head and can’t wear the hat directly, but what are the dashes?

levitating accents? i dunno, i don’t work much with megaman style sprites so i don’t know if that was appropriate or not. would only take like 4 seconds to take them out if you don’t like em. in retrospect i should’ve made them like 80% transparent

hand drawn

hastily photoshopped

quickie. if i had the time i’d probably go back and hand trace this (and i probably will later once there’s less of a backlog)

i switched to hitbox but i still pull it out every now and then when i feel like playing on seimitsu. still lovin the feel of that unfinished paint.

hastily photoshopped santa hat

anti gravity hat


Thanks doc

Top tier thread.

Oh okay. So yeah I just took it out of there. I also changed it a bit if that’s alright, because I was getting bothered by the unaligned hats lol

Thanks OP

I would like one; as I was trying to do it with this pic but had no success with it.

Full resolution

yeah that’s fine. they’re your avatars, i’m just providing festive suggestions

i don’t know if i could even call that lime green penis nsfw. it came from one of them medical reference biology textbooks.

OOh ooh ooh… do mine!

Actually, a B-day hat would be more appropriate in my case.

I would like a santa hat.

Amazing, thanks

OP Santa God, I humbly ask if you could use your gift upon me as well!

Do mine.

Give Bruce Lee a Santa hat, too please.

If you need help with the hats, I gotchu to help everyone get into the spirit of things.