Santa Monica, CA Street Fighter 4 players?

Next meet up will be Thursday the 17th or Sunday the 20th

Place is at demonofelru’s place which is located very close to Santa Monica College.

Here’s a list of people that have expressed interest in coming:

Nero Fenix
JoonTheBaboon (if there’s a good amount of people)
Andrew Strife (if event justifies driving from OC)
demonofelru (host)

**From demonofelru (host):
What we really need are TVs / Monitors. Without galbi’s we are in very, very short supply. So, people! Bring your big OR smaller TV! Anything works. We can make this thing for as long as we want, really… so it should be worth your while.

**Other thoughts:
(Food) Domino’s pizza is down the street, as well as Abbot’s Pizza which is orgasmic good, so food shouldn’t be a problem if we all pitch in. Bring your own if you don’t wanna split. Also, Tommy’s is on the corner.

Time: How does 2pm or 3pm sound to people? Who can confirm attendance because if we start that early and go until night, people can still make it even if they can’t come at the start. Once the RSVP/confirmed list gets going, I can start PMing people my address… and making sure the place is ready for action (aka going out and buying some power strips).

There’s suppose to be a really good Ken player (Handle: Maximilian Masters) in Santa Monica. I’m in Torrance, but I’d be down to meet-up if theres more people.

Justin Wong and James Chen.


galbi: I often visit SMC during the week, usually on Thursdays (currently posting from the computer lab right now). Hit me up.

Thats funny, when I read your post I actually read it in the library’s computer lab. Were you in there or Cayton? But for some reason, the library’s computer lab won’t let me sign into SRK.

But yeah, I work at the school library Monday through Saturday. I’m working at the circulation desk normally from 3-4 on Thursdays. You could stop by and say whattup, though spring break starts next week.


I’ll come by on Thursday, though, I’m usually gone by about 3:45 or so. Depends on my buddies.

Do I count as a Santa Monican?
UCLA is always welcoming SMC students. Whenever you’re free, stop by!
We’re actually having casuals tonight. If interested, check the UCLA thread.

If you want you could go down the 405 and you and your buddies could show up at my place tonight between 7am-4pm. Check Don’s Arcade thread. I’m always welcoming new people:)

Damn this is like a recruitment thread for players or something :lol:

SMC doesn’t have an arcade? o_O

Nah, it’s rough. But I think I just struck gold for Santa Monica players looking to meet up.

Went to this place called Power Surge near LAX, here’s a thread they made awhile ago.
Check out some pics of the place here, They do casuals and want to get a weekly tournament thing going, most likely Fridays. Sounds pretty bitchen to me, especially since I don’t wanna drive north the 405 and it’s close for the Santa Monica folks.

Meh, thats still about two cities over. Doesn’t help that I don’t have a car.

I’m on spring break so I’ll see if I can somehow get over there; the place looks gorgeous.

UCLA has casuals pretty often. Check our thread, we just had some great games tonight.

Colino, this is David. The guy you talked with tonight at Gavin’s. We went into the lobby of the apartment at the same time. Lol.

David, your earphones. Told you to remind me. Sigh.
There’s a tournament tomorrow in Long Beach. Since it’s close by, all of you SM folks should swing by, and we can all rendezvous? :]

good games tonight to everyone that was there, btw.

Oh shit :rofl:

Yea man good times. We should all organize a roadtrip to Denjin or AI sometime.

Hey Guys make sure you come out tomorrow night for casuals at powersurge:

Casuals at my place tonight. Come only if you’re interested in leveling up, not if you just wanna play scrubby random DP/ultra games. PM for address.

santa monica and UCLA, UNITE!!! Team West LA!

People still gather for some ssf4 games? I’m in the area and looking for some comp.