Santhrax vs SSCable?

Tips for this matchup? I’m playing SS Cable and the way it usually plays out is I get LS’d into Sent DHC, then from there its crazy fast fly commado type shit.

Is this a patience thing? Cause I’m usually rushing that shit down with Storm and Sent Drones. Calling cable and hailing when she’s trying to run away. When sent comes in from the DHC. If my storm isnt dead I usually try rushing him down also because Storm vs Sent to my understanding is in Storms advantage.

I just cant break even in this match It usually ends up 30%-70%

its not your teams fault. you have to play defensive. only rush down when its safe to and with commando its almost never safe. its about finding the quick opening and following through with either a dhc or FS. causing fly screen sets you up with advantage. if you don’t follow through with the opening, then runaway safely calling drones and jumpin everywhere until you find another one.

both teams have the same strategy except SSCable has cable at the end. with the AAA of SSCable, the counter hits aren’t as often or damaging or even controlling as commando. you’re naturally going to have to play defensive. Not to mention one of the biggest things about having cable on your team is that alpha counter xx AHVB. so you need to be patient and just find that one opening and capitalize.

also realize with SScable you don’t want to leave cable by himself, specifically trying to keep sentinel alive. solo cable is useless and people can just block all day because of his lack of air travel to rush down effectively. this is important to remember because usually he is placed LAST so its likely for him to be left alone opposing a team

you said you try and hailstorm runaway storms. thats kinda 50/50 depending on how they runaway. with this team you always definitely want to conserve meter. at least 2 for the DHC, or if you recognize a persons play style i’d just build retarded meter for cable for that alpha counter.

Good shit man. I appreciate it. I didnt know you could Alpha Counter to AHVB.

yep, say you’re storm and somebody just HSF’d you and oyu blocked it. if they mouth beam xx RP you. right after the RP touches you, QCF+A2, cable will come in and as soon as his foot leaves the ground while performing the skimitar cancel it into the AHVB = sentinel not too happy

I always seem to have a problem doing that.

Most of the time, he jsut does the scimitar, and no AHVB. Horrible mistake to pull off.

In a Sentinel Battle, your Assist moves forward, so if you find yourself at the top of the screen, out prioritize them. The idea in the Sentinel vs Sentinel is not let him move forward, but to not get hit into something that leads to fast fly + cap.

if you want you can time your Cable AAA to beat Cap, just wait for him to call his if he suspects you are moving forward with the advantage, then call AAA, unfly.

Basically, if the Sentinel is aggressive, out prioritize them. If they turtle at the top of the screen, call Cable AAA, and work it on how they react to it.

the main reason to pick cable over mando as an AA is that you can pushblock, AC, AHVB and kill a character\assist. This is one of the few rare teams in marvel that has a double game plan.

When you build bar with storm to hail\DHC, you’re also building that bar for cable @ the same exact time. Now how you use it is up to you. I say let storm do her thing because she’s more effective with it but if your playing smart, you can have 2-3 bars a majority of the time.

works very effectively against sentinel because he can’t spit on you any longer. He has to fight storm and sent w\o spitting if you have bar to threaten him.

It also stops storm from saving her assists with basic follow ups like,, c.rh because that string can be countered now.

any character that has a weak weak, launch can be counter with pushblock, AC, ahvb and hit a wiffed launcher. Also, how you layer assists can also be countered by pushblock, AC, ahvb.

you just gotta get used to it. get a friend to practice with you in training mode one day and you’ll get it down. its definitely something you need to get down if you have cable on your team.

you can do it considerably early. like early enough that cable can even do a ground hyperbeam. at least then you can DHC. practice practice practice!

Wow. This is some good stuff. I did not know if you and sent are in a fly off calling cable can give you that much edge.

I totally forgot the schmitar moves forward. Thanks a grip man this thread as helped me out a lot. The only thing I need to do now is practice AC xx AHVB

I don’t know whether or not this is that great or not, but I would probably play it where Storm is defensive just tries not to get hit. Sooner or later she DHCs to Sentinel, hopefully taking someone out in the process, and then the main difference starts to happen. On Santhrax, Sent/Commando is a force in its own right. On Storm/Sent/Cable, Sentinel basically has to play like a cautious battery for Cable, with the idea that Cable is the one who’s going to eventually have to probably win the game for you. Playing Cable without an AAA takes some work, but is still very viable if the drones are back there.

The main key for the team is, Sentinel absolutely cannot afford to die. If you lose Sentinel, you lose the game, whether it’s against Santhrax or anyone else. Both Storm and Cable need him alive very very badly.

From my experience, when you play S/S/C against Santhrax, S/S/C should focus on building three levels of meter (as opposed to two levels of meter with team Santhrax), and try to play more passively and defensively, especially in the beginning of the match.

It’s more difficult for Sentinel/Cable to build meter than Sentinel/Commando, and every meter you use with Sentinel on point could have been a meter used for Cable. As someone mentioned before, the thread of counter AHVB is a possibility, but I’ll add that there’s no way to do it if you don’t have meter, hence the suggestion of focusing more on meter building.

I think the main difference is this problem: when Santhrax hits two levels they can start bullying you around, and one good hit results in DHC. Theoretically you could do the same thing, but if your Storm dies as opposed to his, you’re left with Sentinel/Cable with 2 odd levels which is not good. But consider the other scenario, you’re left with Sentinel/Cable with 3 or more levels, you have more breathability, let alone with 4 or even 5 levels of super.

Its true, most of the time you do that Bananas :slight_smile: