I am teaching someone how to play mvc2 and they are not too bad. I know how to play reasonably well myself but I just don’t know how to explain or tell them how to use santhrax.

What are strategies anyone here can offer on explaining how to use santhrax aka

storm/ sentinel /captain commando A Y B

i remember justin talking over one of his matches in a vid. he said something about storm/drones like “i use sent as a wall/shield, when you call him out he protects storm from attack because he’s so tall and wide, and the super armor. something about call sent, get behind, then react to your opponent.”

i guess also talk about how drones give storm free rushdown, and the standard storm/sent strategy. play storm to do damage for about 1/2 her health, DHC into sent to kill someone, etc. with sent/capcom teach them the basics, like memorizing capcom’s horizontal range to get a feel for what you can do. obviously combos can be learned later. tell him all the situations in which you can call capcom (grounded, jumping, fly mode, unfly mode, etc). definitely focus on teaching him lockdown with sent, cause sent/capcom is often just about staying IFC (heh), landing damage when you can, but staying safe and keeping them blocking.

that’s all i can think of… i’m sure you can ask yipes or erik for something better though. their sentinels at least seem to have leveled up immensely in the last year.

that was the match of him with ricky… it had full commentary on what to do against MSP with santhrax… i remember that.