Sanwa 30mm Silencer


I am looking to buy foam washers that can reduce the sound of Sanwa OBSF 30mm Buttons, I have found 2 possibilities, i want to hear your opinions on which one i should buy.


I heard these are the best for 30mm Sanwa buttons without molesting the feel of the button


If you want to retain the feel of the button then little kahunas are good, but a lot of the noise from sanwas also comes from the plunger hitting the rim as well. If you do order from PAS I’d recommend the thin over the thick pads, where the former are less mushy and don’t stop button travel as early.


Something I never mentioned was stacking Kahuna pads. You can stack Little Kahuna pads if you want to completely defeat the sound of the plunger hitting the barrel, but it will cost the feel of the button.


While I’m tempted to say “Y U NO SAY THIS EARLIER”, I have to admit, such a simple solution has never crossed my mind. Guess kahunas are pretty much universal silence/spacer problem solvers; first button silencers, then JLW shaft spacers, and now plunger spacers.


I guess I figured people would prefer being as close to the original feel of the button as possible?


I tried stacking up 2 of them for a seimitsu PS-14K before and it felt way too weird and mushy but there was very little noise.


I have two stacked on PS-14-GN-C’s. Feels different but I like it. Extra sneaky mode. You tried it, Tim. Did you notice a huge difference in feel?


IIRC aren’t two little kahunas the same size as one big? Also I tried one, two, and three littles stacked in an OBSF and compared all three side by side with a PAS thin silencer and a stock button.
Three is overkill unless you like super short travel with mush at the end and two makes a slight change in sound and ends travel earlier than a PAS thin.
Noise still comes from the disengage as the plunger pins hit the top of the rim.
One little almost keeps the entire plunger from hitting the rim, but with enough force it’ll barely touch.
On a side note the sound difference between washer style silencers and microswitch silencers are almost like the difference in sound between a sanwa and seimitsu button, not in terms of silence but just the click or clack sound.


I have the focus attack pads, and a set of official sanwa silent buttons. I like the feel of the focus attack pads better, they’re less mushy, but it’s hardly noticeable. I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference without playing on each back to back. Both of them don’t entirely silence the button, but it’s more quiet.

I’ve never tried the PA ones, although I’ve heard good things about them.


Not quite. The Big Kahunas are a little softer of a cushion, so they may include a little extra mush that simply stacking 2 LK’s wouldn’t. Plus 2 stacked LK’s are a little larger than a single BK. It’s a different feel for the button.


Thanks for the feedback.
For price reasons, i’m going with the focus attack silencers, because paradisearacdeshop costs $20 for shipping to Canada, and i also have a $5 gift certificate for focus attack If I can get the money, ill get the little kahunas.


If you don’t like the FA ones I might be able to send some K prototypes out that work just as well, just a different shape. If you’re willing to spend the $3 shipping I can get them out to you. Should be able to do First Class international letter.


I use a combination of the paradisearcade thick pads and little kahuna. The feel of the buttons is different than before but I don’t really have execution issues with plinking.


I have recently added little kahunas to my stick, and for anyone else that may be interested in dampening sound without affecting the feel of the button (too much, anyway; it does feel SLIGHTLY different), they are definitely the way to go. For such a tiny little piece of thin material it make more of a difference in sound than you would think. Not only that but I ordered 15 and received 17!