Sanwa and LS-32-01 mods with pics back online

Posted these a while ago and people seemed to like them.

I know that modding a HRAP is easy as hell, but pictures and a guide is still nice. And now they are online again after a rather unamusing battle with my webserver.

Sanwa-mod guide:

LS-32-01-mod guide:

The ls-32-01 mod can be done without the extra connector by rotatig the pcb on the stick, but I didn’t realize that the first time… will update the guide with those instructions later… maybe.

jejeje…man i would’ve killed for this tutorial a couple of weeks ago…good to have around anyways…great pics

thank you

Unfotunatly your faq’s are now kind of pointless. Hori have removed the Siemitsu mounting plate from the HRAP. Still good to see them back online though.

so there is no way to instal the LS-32 anymore?

Unfortunatly no, unless you find an older model on ebay. The only other option would be to do what another guy did and have a welder make and torch a new mounting plate to the face plate. But since the face plate is as prone to scratches as it is, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do that.

im the guy who choose the welder way…and its been working fine…i made new artwork for the hrap and tekken 5 sticks i have…the hrap just has a big ass sticker…so you take it off and just make new artwork…and so far they’ve been working great…it really might be ur only alternative…or you can use the face plate as the mounting plate itself…which is as hard as going the welder way…but whatever floats your boat…

ill post pictures up in a bit of the sticks…both are now complete…im getting a good camera to put pictures up

also go to the other thread i made:
to give you an idea what kind of a mounting plate you need made

hold the phone people. I’ve spoke to someone who says that you can still install LS-32 but you need a flat plate, not the regular LS-32-01 plate seen here

I’m assuming this means the same plate featured on a regular LS-32 but i’m not certain. Even if you do though, the way the mounting plate on the hrap is placed it means that you still lose a few mm height on you stick.

If anyone has any better info on this please post away.

EDIT: i’m refering to the new model hrap1 by the way.

Oh… they changed the plates?

Well… sucks for those of you who didn’t buy HRAP’s earlier the :smiley:

I’m about to install a regular LS-32 on a US Hori T5 stick, I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

yeah not much help now, his tuts was the one i was referring to.

is this doable on the t5 stick?

nope…read the post before yours

If anyone’s is interested or is planning to buy a new version hrap1. Somethings you should know.

In order to fit an LS-32-01 you will need an extra flat plate for the stick and even then, because of the stupid new thing they’ve stuck on the underside of the hrap its self, the stick will be incredibly short. I’d say it was pretty much unplayable without hurting your hand after a few minutes.

In short, don’t bother.