Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons, the choice

I used have both Hori and Sanwa buttons in the past but I have never touched Seimitsu. The clear white Seimitsu buttons have a nice aesthetic and I would like to use them for the case I am building but I have also seen threads and posts where people are saying that they need a lot of pressure compaired to Sanwa and that they are not as responsive, fact of fiction?

What are Seimitsu buttons like?
What is the difference between Sanwa and Seimitsu?

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I have placed a order and I will find out for myself in 3-5 days.

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Gremlinsolutions get their orders out pronto.
Near no difference, just better selection of colours.

They are just as responsive. The spring in them is hard enough to tell the difference from sanwa, but not much more.

I wouldn’t say they’re as responsive.

The main difference is tactility.

Sanwa has all the other major manufacturers beat on that. It takes a lot less force to activate a Sanwa pushbutton than it does the other manufacturer’s buttons.

The closest in-existence to feel with the Sanwa OSBx-30 pushbuttons is probably the Seimitsu PS-14-P Pearl 30mm pushbutton.

I’ve tried the PS-14-G pushbuttons and I hated them. They have a tendency to not go down evenly and they have those awful slots that show up on the sides when they’re at rest. The Skeleton buttons lack some of the worst characteristics of the 14-G but are still harder to press down.

None of the Seimitsus are as bad as HAPP buttons for inflexibility (and tendency to wear your fingers out), but I definitely prefer Sanwa’s and Pearl buttons.

Seimitsus tend to feel softer and in my opinion, they age really well. I enjoy both brands, but I have a set of Seimitsus now that are velvety-soft. Seimitsus are also VERY good for mashing-- the way the springs work means quicker returns.

Its all opinion, I highly recommend picking up a set-- you may love them, and at worst case, the resell value on parts is good enough to make back some of what you lose if you wind up hating them.

Sanwa buttons are extremely sensitive. Most sensitive buttons. You can not even rest your fingers on the buttons without pressing them. Slightly convex surface.

You can rest your fingers on Seimitsu buttons. If that gives u an idea in the sensitivity difference.

The different Seimitsu buttons themselves are quite different.

you can check them out here and get a good look at the different ones.

Seimitsu Pushbuttons

the PS-14-G buttons are by far my favorite. They are wider, lower and perfectly flat. They feel “harder” than PS-14-GN© buttons. PS-14-GN© buttons. They’re a little taller, have a convex surface and are not as large as PS-14-G buttons. When pressed they feel softer and are more quiet than PS-14-Gs.

I have not used PS-15 buttons, can not speak on them.

Can anyone clarify, do PS-14-GN© buttons feel different from PS-14-KN?