Sanwa and Seimitsu need Lubricatin?


I wonder the stick need grease lubricatin use how long?

I find Molycoat 44 Joystick Grease from What the hell?


It’s just silicone grease. Get some from your local auto store or Wal-Mart.

I just so happened to spray my N64 analog shaft with some silicone spray and it’s diffinatly smoother for when I’m bust’ n tyte drifts in Mario Kart.


I use chapstick and it works fine.


Sanwa uses this:

You won`t be needing it so fast though. But if you play 1-2 years you may need it.


The RealNeoGeo,
Thank you for help. I’ll forward buy you for later when I waitin… your reopen website. :sad: