Sanwa and seimitsu parts

EDIT: Sold out of red buttons. Sorry guys.
EDIT: Sold out of white buttons, only one sanwa joystick left as well. (I forgot I needed some for myself haha). 4 seimitsus left. Plenty of bloody start buttons, I shouldn’t have bought that many.

I’m back from china with a big bag full of crap. Very limited quantities though so order soon.

Shipping will probably be 5 dollars regardless of order because I’m too lazy to calculate. might be more or less depending on your order size and how i’m feeling so send happy kisses to me when you order OK.

Also, please EMAIL me chippermonky at gmail dot com and make sure you include your SRK SN in your email.

AIM is also acceptable but I’m pretty flaky as to when I’m on and off: guwath

Ball top choices: green and pink hah. Yeah, that’s it… Also, balltops I have are just a slightly bit lighter than the official sanwa one (not sure about seimitsu) which might actually be a good thing because that means the snapback speed will be a little bit faster. Other balltops available on request but it’ll cost extra (they would be from my personal… collection)

Sanwa Joystick – 18
You can ask for a wire harness because i have extras but I can’t guarantee it so Ijust assume that this will not come with a wire harness. i’m willing to solder wires to the 5 leads on request though. Also, mounting plate is kinda funny because the screws they included do not sink properly and rather using a nut to hold it down, are directly screwed into the plastic chassis of the sanwa joystick. This shouldn’t be a problem under most circumstances unless it’s absolutely necessary for there to be zero clearance right above the mounting plate. If that’s the case, please mention this in your email and I’ll try and get some screws that sink properly.

seimitsu LS-32 Joystick (flat mounting plate) – 20
These are the kinds that take QDs rather than use the wire harness. I’ll throw in free QDs on request assuming I can still find them. This is perfect for a 360 stick.

30mm sanwa snapins – 2/each
11 if you order 6. I have exactly 2 sets of green and 2 sets of pink.

20mm sanwa snapins (start/select) – 2/each
only yellow and blue available. 14 for 6 30mm and 2 20mms

Used sanwa RGs – 19
okay, so this is just extra crap I want to get rid of. I have 11, 30 shipped takes them all. I think about half of them have switches that a little bit worn so they feel a little bit different. At least 2 of them are brand new. 4 red, 4 green, 3 blue. About half of the buttons are a little bit worn as well (small scratches) but you could always just swap the switches into new button shells.

bump, pictures later.

by set you mean 6 right?

ill want the red, ill catch you on aim later

uh, I turns out I only have 5 red ones left but then I found this mysterious bag of 7 in my box of parts so you’re in good shape shoo.


haha, yeah guys, stop buying just buttons :(. price drop on the sanwa stick.

shoo, talk to me tonight and i’ll be able to ship it out tomorrow.

no orders on the sticks? They too expensive or something? let me know.

wait, nevermind

This is the reason I haven’t gotten a stick…I’ll be more than happy to grab a few if they’re normal, heh. Do you have pics of the “not properly sunk” screws…I sometimes bottom mount the stick which would mean I need 0 clearance on the top…and even top mounting I would need it because it would push up the Lexan. I also like the wiring harness for neatness and sturdiness.

did my payment go through?

paypal has been acting up T_T

no :(, didn’t get the payment yet shoo. Sent your crap out already though. You better pay.

runs away with buttons

got any extra wire harnesses? i just realized i ran out andi have 2 sticks that need to be finished o_O

I want a ls-32 and 6 white buttons. Gimme a deal money, I’m poor.

why does it say perfect for a 360 stick?

I was wondering the same thing. Fucken tech mod.

I think cos the xbox 360 doesn’t use a common ground and the ls-32 he has don’t have a wiring harness. So you just solder or use QD to connect the 2 wires for each button directly to the switches. That’s just my guess.

you stole the HDD ps2 deal that the other guy was selling yesterday from me :frowning:

You can come pickup. Total will be 31 except i don’t have any white buttons left. Just pink and green :(.

yeah urth, i know how anal you are about using wiring harnesses :. I got you back 80 bucks so I’ll cut you a deal, 40 for 2 wiring harnesses JK. harnesses sell for 3 each from my distributor. i have extras from the sticks I bought from ponyboy though, I can send you 2 for like what, 7 shipped. Ripoff I know but let me off this time :D.

bump, shoo, hurry up and pay me.