Sanwa Arcade Stick (no-name stick from Niking) opinions wanted


I’m in the market for an arcade stick and I recently came across this stick on ebay:

XBOX360 ARCADE STICK JOYSTICK BLACK SANWA PC TEKKEN NEW - eBay Controllers, Microsoft Xbox 360, Accessories, Video Games. (end time 11-Sep-10 19:59:55 AEST)

I would like to know if anyone has this stick and what your opinion of it is.

I’m mostly interested in whether the parts are indeed Sanwa as it claims and what the quality of the case is like, as well as any other opinions you have about it.

I primarily intend to use it on PC with MAME and other emulators.

Side note: I don’t post here that often but I regularly check reviews on various sticks, however I was unable to find a review on this sick. In fact I am not even sure what you would call it - it’s a no-name stick I guess (?).

Many thanks


I don’t know of anyone who’s used one of those. That’s alot of money to drop on the unknown. Why not just buy a tried & true TE?


NIKING.NIKING is SRK Member, and has his own Thread.
People have bought before.
Just look for his Thread.


Fine, I’ll grab it for you.

There are multiple Arcade Sticks talked about in the Thread.
Sanwa stuff, Seimitsu stuff, China stuff.
So don’t get mixed and confused.


eBay My World - h_ray

Anyone bought any parts of this chap? I’ve ordered a load of Sanwa parts and I don’t know if I should be worried if they’re genuine or not.


I have brought from h_ray many times and they are genuine parts


Even if that stick is exactly as described with Sanwa parts, solid casing, etc. Forget it.

It looks so darn huge and simply out of proportion, and so dull looking at that. For less you could get a PROPER sized and better looking TE or HRAP.


i paid 150 for my SE because i live in Aus…we get screwed over with these things


I just received a empty case (exactly the same black box that houses the sanwa buttons) from nikingniking. Honestly, the box is huge and the quality is just average, paint work is average at best as well. For the price though I guess its OK (I live in AU so things costs too much down here ;( BTW, I’ve also ordered things from h-ray and they are genuine sanwa. I bought the jlf, 6 buttons and gty pack. Shipped quickly as well.


Thats a relief! :slight_smile:


Holy shit, it comes with a billion free games!


For all who mentioned that I should purchase a TE stick instead, I should have mentioned from the start that I am also from Australia and indeed prices here for arcade sticks, especially the TE stick are horrendously high.

A TE stick costs somewhere around 250 AUD (w/ postage included), which at the current exchange rate is approx 273 USD. So as you can see there’s a huge price discrepancy between the no-name stick and the TE stick.

The price is the only reason why I haven’t yet purchased a TE stick, and why I keep looking to find a decent knock-off. It’s extremely frustrating.

In terms of a stick that comes with ‘real arcade parts’ it seems the no-name one from Niking.Niking is the cheapest around from the Australian perspective. I’m still not sure whether to order it because i do agree with the above comments - the box looks bulky and awkward.

Ozsticks offers custom made sticks - they basically just sell a Mayflash stick that can be modded with the parts you want. I in fact ordered one from them but after about 3 months of waiting around for it to arrive they told me the ‘accidentally’ forgot all about my order. At that point I was so fed up with waiting I politely told them to f— off.


Are HRAPs overpriced as well?


Being from AU I feel your pain, Might i suggest the qanba q3? I bought the TE from JB for a arm and leg. Just got the Q3 about a week ago. Very goos stick. Cost me about 160$ shipped. PM me for details if interested…


You’ve got your exchange rates mixed up mate - 250 AUD is about 225 USD.
Also, 360 TE-S sticks for less than 200 AUD shipped:
Mad Catz Super Street Fighter Arcade Stick Black - eBay Other Xbox 360 Accessories, Microsoft Xbox 360, Accessories, Video Games. (end time 18-Sep-10 23:10:45 AEST)
Mad Catz Super Street Fighter Arcade Stick White - eBay Other Xbox 360 Accessories, Microsoft Xbox 360, Accessories, Video Games. (end time 21-Sep-10 19:23:46 AEST)
A number of Aussies have bought from them before.


I’d get a the coin together for a TE but thats me…