Sanwa Ball on Euro iL stick?

I have a Sanwa JLF-TP-8T, the “best selling” sanwa stick. Anyway, it broke, pretty much destroyed (long story), but I had purchased a Seimitsu “bubble top” for it ((pic) from Lizardlick.

The ball is fine, didnt get messed up at all. But my question is, does anyone know if this ball will fit on a iL 8-way Euro? Or if you can even unscrew the “bat” from them? It says on the site “these 35mm tops will fit on Sanwa JLF, JLW-TM series, as well as all the Seimitsu sticks that we stock.” But, I don’t know how that translates or if it would work on an iL since I’ve never owned one.

Basically I have a tournament coming up very soon, and I don’t have the cash to buy a whole new Sanwa stick, I was going to buy the iL Euro since it’s a lot cheaper, but I can’t play with a “bat”, I only use balls (no homo).

If it doesn’t fit, do any of you guys know where I can get a cheap stick that can take a ball, or does anyone have a used Sanwa/seimitsu they would sell me?

You cannot remove the battop from HAPP/iL sticks.

Also, HAPP and iL sticks are much, much larger and won’t fit into most sticks designed for Sanwa.

What Maji-OMNI said.

Or get these.

I feel like a moron for not realizing Tornado Terry’s sold these. I sent him a couple of e-mails today. Here’s some info for jdm. :smile:

They only fit iL Eurosticks. He said they specifically do not work with the newer Happ sticks.

It sounds like it’s going to be $30 for a set of two. I’ll post back when I get them.

I made my Post to specifically get a reply from you Kyle.
I felt you would respond to these.

Thank you for the information.

I have been waiting since May of last year for those to be released: :sad:

I didn’t realize there was something I could already purchase. I was going to replace my iL sticks with JLWs until I realized they had a longer engage distance than the iL. Hopefully it will be a good compromise.

Also, I cannot find a light Happ spring anywhere other than the old ones I have. No one has them in stock including Happ. I guess I will have to buy two new Ultimate sticks (eww) to gut their springs.

Yes, I wanted to see the VersaBall2 come out too. :sad:
The Shafts look cool.

But I did see someone with a VersaBall2 of Red Ball Top and Black Shaft.
So that was weird.

Well have fun with your new Balls.

I have one of the Tornado Terry ones. The ball top doesn’t feel right. I have a Yellow one. Also the shaft is metal finish. I got the one for mounting in a wood panel.

Doesn’t feel right as compared to a Sanwa ball or you just didn’t like it in general? I just gave him $30 for a pair. Hopefully they’re not too bad.

If anyone else has iL sticks, you can order them without the joystick to save on cost/shipping. You just have to e-mail him.

I had some kiddos over playing on iL Competition sticks. One of them was so rough with it that he managed to lodge the spring deep into whatever you call part 95-0199-10. Fun stuff…

I didn’t like the way the plastic ball looked. It was a dull faded Yellow. Also the metal shaft cover was not a nice finish. Over all it looked stumpy, and playing with a balltop on an old Happ didn’t feel right. Hopefully you got another color besides yellow.

I got red. If it’s a dud I’ve spent money on worse things. I’ve been back and forth on getting a pair of JLWs for a couple of weeks now. If these don’t do it for me I’ll get at least one JLW for grins.

I’m sorry Kyle.
Should not have linked.

Nah it doesn’t matter. I have stopped buying sticks since I got a cab. $30 isn’t much of an investment. Terry is in TX so I should get them pretty quick. I would buy JLWs but if there is a long engage they probably won’t work as well as the iL Competition for shmups. Maybe I could get some JLW and wrap tape around the actuator. That just sounds really absurd.

If they really do stink I’ll just resell them for $20 or whatever.

Anyone know where i can buy one of those Versaball/Versaball2 for IL stick???

I’ve been wanting one for a long time now to put in my custom Happ, but can’t find any to buy online. I’ve seen the tornado terry’s balltops but they look kinda plain, and i’d much rather buy a versaball.

In addition to the balltop, i’d also modify the spring for that comfortable “sanwa” feel.

Having a balltop is a big improvement, but those honking huge, tough springs HAVE got to be fixed also. Cutting the spring in half ought to do it.

Two major reasons why american sticks are inferior to Jap imo-- the wonky, non-ergonamic battops and those giant springs. Even the so-called, “light spring” is too stiff.

I’ve had about four of those tornado terry’s. They arent’ bad at all. I liked them alot when i used Happ. I’ve had red, yellow, black, and blue. I put them on all of my SFACs.

I’d like a set of Versaballs as well. No clue what the status of those are. I should have e-mailed him. He hasn’t replied to the past few forum inquiries.

I was amazed how hard the stock iL Competition spring is after playing on Seimitsu sticks for the past few months. I ended up swapping them with a set of beat up Ultimate (light) springs. They feel much better. That’s a good idea cutting the spring in half. I haven’t been able to find anyone who stocks the light spring.

Thanks for the counterpoint. Maybe they won’t be too bad.

Yeah bump this thread when you get them and leave your impression on them. It wasn’t bad per se, but I was just more used to the Happ/iL default top. It really depends on preference again.

Mine came in today. I honestly like them but I should have gotten the wood option. Mine mount about this high.

It’s shorter than even a Japanese shaft. I e-mailed him and requested a pair of the wood shaft covers.

Otherwise I’m a fan. The red color matched nicely with Neo-Geo/Happ button red. It’s very similar in size to a standard Japanese balltop. The texture is smooth like the iL and Sanwa bat.

I’ll post back with pictures once I get it at a proper height.

Yay, that is good to read that you like.
I was worried. :sad:

Do not want to be spreading around bad stuff.

I got in the taller shaft covers today. They’re loads better. If anyone orders these make sure to go for the wood option. The height on the metal option is way too short. Here’s a comparison between the two.

And both set to the taller height.