Sanwa Blue

Man I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now. Just how blue is Sanwa’s Dark Blue?

It seems whatever color it is it’s hard to photograph. In pics it seems to appear very purple. In any case I just added this artwork to my stick.

So now I need to figure out which blue to get. I originally ordered Dark Blue buttons and JLF then after hearing that they did kinda look purple I sent a email (2 actually) to Lizardlick to change them to normal blue. I having heard back from them so I have no idea which would be sent out right now, but since I ordered on March 6th and have 2 JLFs in my order I’ve got plenty of time to change my mind before then ship out.

So which would actually look good with this art in real life?Input form those that have actually seen both colors is welcome.


Dark Blue?

dark blue is purple

I guess the part I can’t wrap my mind around is why even call it dark blue when its so fantastically purple? Also the color stickers on the boxes in this pic are throwing me off too.

Also the pictures on Akihabarashop (when you could actually look a their products) made the dark blue actually look blue.

It’s not. It’s very purply.

Well here’s hoping one of those emails for color change to my order actually got through.

Well damn, this is blowing my mind as well. I figured it was just a weird effect from the photograph. It really does look that weird shade of purple? I thought it’d be more of a Megaman dark blue, too.

I ordered some Dark Blue buttons, because they looked different on Akihabara.

But they are just the same. Depends on the lighting area you are in. Sometimes it looks like blue, sometimes it’s purple. Kind of weird.

It would be a funny story if the boss at Sanwa is color blind but doesn’t know it, loves that shade of Dark Blue picked it himself, but the way that corporate Japan is, nobody dares speak up to him. Sir, um I think that is purple.

I have a set of 8 blue Sanwa buttons I might be able to sell to you. They were popped out of my HRAP2: SA when I bought it, so they aren’t really used.

I’d have to get some packing materials if you are interested though.

Edit Scratch that, just noticed you’re waiting on an order.

I got a dark blue ball from lizard and it’s purple :(… i was expect Navy Blue!

dark blue

not purple…but not really what you would expect for dark blue

It is like if you mixed ultramarine with purple. If you have ever worked with paint.

It is one of the most awesome colors Sanwa has. Unfortunately, it always shows up as a royal blue in photos and not a slightly purplish blue like it is in real life.

Digital has “issues” with reproducing accurate blues, sometimes even on calibrated setups. Reds/oranges have similar issues but it usually seems worse with blues.