Sanwa Bururaji Stick PS4/PS3


I actually ran into this last night when walking by my local Seagull (hobby game store). It was used and they ran a special if you bought it with a used game it would be discounted by 50% and ¥1000 or something like that.

So for less than ¥6000 I got BBCPE and this stick.

It has a JLF and OBSC-30 buttons.

It’s fantastic, and I experienced no lag compared to legacy PS3 support with my HRAP v3 SA. I also like it better than the Hayabusa HRAPV I picked up for my bro.

I completed five trials in SFV without thinking with it last night. Sounds too good to be true? Because it is, turns out the PCB is faulty. After maybe 30 min to a hour, the stick dies off or gets stuck in whatever position you left the lever.

Here’s a video I tweeted last night:

I did email Sanwa last night since I think it’s better to just keep the stick and try to get it repaired versus returning it. But if Sanwa won’t repair it or it would be stupid expensive or whatever.

Think this is good for modding with a new PCB?

On the top backside there is a switch for PS3 and PS4.


Stick was made by maybe emailing them is a better idea.

Some users here have modded the other versions of this stick


Legacy mode has less lag than a native stick. Doesn’t matter which one, you’re always a frame faster in legacy mode.


I emailed Sanwa and they will accept the stick to repair. I know of that other company but for this stick in particular it’s from Sanwa themselves regardless if outsourced. The warranty documentation said as such. I’ll get around to sending it soon.


Oh an update, Sanwa fixed it by putting in a new PCB, they paid for return shipping, included a Noel microfiber cloth and gave me back ¥850.

That is the best customer service ever!