Sanwa button stickers and rings?


I just received 8 clear sanwa 30mm in the mail. I started taking them apart to drill all hole in the bottom for some knserts to be wired up and noticed something. When they come shipped new the top of the punger has a clear sticker with a white ring around it. I assumed it was just there to protect the top of the plunger in transit. However as I peeled it off the plunger the white ring seep rated from it and appears to be plastic or vinylnor something. Is this just trash and part of the sticker? Or is it maybe meant to go on with the button like a washer or bezel or something? I wasn’t sure if I should toss em or not :b


Just trash


Its just trash I believe the machine that applys the sticker uses it for alignment


Awesome thanks I’m new to this and sorting stuff out lol:) I picked up my stick used On ebay it’s in pretty good condition except two of the hexs are stripped, gonna replace em tonight. Awesome avatar btw! Ffiv was the first RPG I ever played back then it was still called ff ii though haha! the ds remake was pretty cool. Ill always love those old games