Sanwa Buttons and Fightstick art

ok So im New to the whole Modding scene but im not a general idiot about it, i have my fightstick art already on my usb from photoshop im trying to figure out where to print it out perfectly
Also i want to purchase Some Sanwa Buttons and a balltop , but the thing is i want them color specific , Theres a certain green i want :3 How do i go about getting these? or paradisearcade for buttons and arcade parts. for printing

i know where to buy the buttons im wondering how to get them color specific

If you want red buttons order red, if you want green buttons order green, if you want crystal clear buttons order crystal clear.
If you want a Red plunger with a green rim ether order those 2 buttons and swap parts

You’re looking for a certain shade of green, OP?

Well, unless you decide to paint / dye your buttons yourself–and that’s a whole 'nother can of worms, right there–you’re most likely not going to find the shade of green that you envisioned. Pretty much all green buttons from Sanwa and Seimitsu come in only one shade: green.

That doesn’t mean all hope is lost, though. Paradise Arcade stocks a clear green button that looks more “emerald” green than “front lawn” green, if that makes any sense. Just pop a Sanwa SW-68 microswitch in there, and you’re set.

Balltops are pretty much the same. You may have to look at getting a custom-painted balltop, if the color you’re looking for isn’t simply “green”, though Paradise Arcade also sells a clear “emerald” green balltop. Looks really nice from the pics I’ve seen, too. If that’s not what you’re looking for, well…

Basically what you see on the websites are the colors that are available. If you want your own color specific, you will probably have to paint the buttons (Which I don’t recommend for performance).

I believe someone on SRK or a website a while back sold custom colored buttons (Such as a pearl colored button which worked really well with LEDs)

yo whats good everyone! I have recently decided to get more into the FGC instead of being someone more on the sidelines. I wanted to see if someone would be awesome and send me some Soundwave(Transformers) art for my new Soul Calibur V TE stick or at least come up with a mock up. I want my stick to be me completely. BTW tips on how to do mock ups or changing out pieces would be gladly welcomed

go to akishop where it has preview pic for each color, save those pic of the buttons or balltop you plan to get, open them in photoshop or other image editor, color pick the tone of the plastic using “color picker”/ “eye dropper” tool, and use these colors as part of your art design so when you buy the buttons your art would match them (or close enough)