Sanwa buttons are supposed to be built like tanks right?

The TE stick, being my first and what not, is one hell of an experience.

What I notice when playing is that I hit the buttons pretty hard (and thus, they are pretty loud), the buttons are suppose to withstand that right?

wow there’s like 5 threads on this stuff a week.

Stop pressing buttons hard. It doesn’t make your moves stronger.

The point of using Sanwa’s is that they are extremely sensitive so you don’t need to put effort into pressing them.

YES and NO

yes the sanwa buttons can take a beating, BUT if you hit them too hard for long the sensor inside the button can go bad!

and there is a factor that you can actually damage the button itself.

why are you slamming on the buttons anyway?? they are the most senditive buttons ever! light presses are all you need to activate the button.

it’s only like 3 bucks a button, dat aint no thang, baby. mash dat shit, son! :grrr::grrr::grrr::grrr::grrr::grrr::grrr::grrr:

the buttons can always be replaced. don’t damage that panel!!

as for most sensitive ever, I think seimitsu’s are more by just a bit. might just be my fingers though.

What’s considered the “panel”?.

If anything craps out on the TE stick first, I’d assume it’s the PCB (which is also probably the hardest to replace right?)

not got any real clue but i’d say,
arcade parts are like old rental tapes.
they are built to withstand long periods of punishment for years at a time.


There is no sensor.

No, Sanwa buttons are more sensitive.

Happ buttons are built like tanks.

Sanwa’s are like finely tuned automobiles.


the harder you mash the buttons, the higher priority your move has

if you mash hard enough you can even make it unblockable

3 dollars for an UNBROCKABLE is pocket change for the hardcore fightan gaemr

Sanwa switches are quite fragile IMO when compared to other buttons. Sanwa does make an RG button that is apparently more durable.

Is there a place where you can buy Sanwa switches only? Cause that would be cheaper that just buying whole buttons every time one breaks.

Repeated presses will obviously cause wear over time. This is inevitable and expected.

In terms of breaking it with the force of only a few presses, don’t even worry. Unless you are Hulk Hogan, you will break your fingers before your break your buttons. There’s just something about that moustache that makes your slapping stronger.

buttons are mechanical, they will break down eventually.

I usually smash my palm down for when I do an ultra.

You really need to smash those buttons… how is it fun if you don’t?

I beat the shit out of my buttons. Just ordered 12 new ones for spares or if these break. lolz

Optimally, with each strike the impact between my hand and the control panel will deafen my opponent and shake the room. I want him to feel the shockwave in his chest, I want him to know fear.

I knock over TV’s, splinter wood, and shatter plastic. I’m banned from every arcade in North America (they usually keep a picture of me behind the counter) and in console tournaments I need a new stick every two to three games.

They don’t have sanwa switches for joysticks though which is sadface.