Sanwa buttons/ball/bat-tops

Shipping for all orders are a flat $5 per shipment. Order more and save!

6 Red Sanwa 30mm Screw-in. (Brand new) $15 for all

6 Red Sanwa 30mm Screw-in. (Used) $10 for all

2 White/Clear + 1 Red/Clear Seimetsu 24mm Screw-in (Used) $5 for all

Yellow Balltop. (Not sanwa but fits JLF shafts, used) $1

Blue Sanwa Balltop (New) $2

Red Sanwa Battop + JLF adapter (New) $5

PSOne Dualshock A PCB /without cord. Also soldered using thick gauge wire. Still works, but definitely a job for somebody with soldering skills (the wires are short) $3

Dreamcast Agetec Cords. Still have the header that hooks into the PCB. $2 each

Geforce 8500 fanless 256M. $15

I’ll take the red sanwa balltop and the 360 play and charge kit plz!

where are you located?


Bump for updated list, sold items removed, new set of buttons listed.



can you post pics please?

Can I offer 20 bucks shipped for 6 new OBSN-30 buttons and 2 used OBSN-30 buttons? Let me know!!

would you do 35 shipped for ALL the buttons (both new and used)? comes up to $37 w/o shipping. PM me! :smiley:

The prices are firm, sorry.

can u take pics of the geforce 8500 and send them to

also is this in good condition, has it been overclocked in its lifetime? what brand geforce is it.
also is 15 the shipped price let me know I’m interested

sorry I’m on my phone right now and can barely read your post

bump for updated parts list.

pm sent

UPDATE: payment sent and eagerly awaiting shipping!