Sanwa Buttons: Black / Grey Question


So I just got my black Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons in the mail. They look GREY to me. Don’t they have a DARK BLACK button?



And yes…

They are not made at the moment, but are becoming a shop exclusive to Akihabara (TheRealNeoGeo) soon. They are taking preorders in his thread (at his site).


Seimitsu makes a black button…


Are there any issues with mix and matching? I checked Akhabara and they list a Black/DARK Hai OBSF-30 Sanwa button that is currently availble…


IIRC you can NOT mix plungers/buttons between Seimitsu & Sanwa.


Use vinyl dye on them if you want them pitch black.


Are you talking about mixing one brand of button with the other brand of stick, mixing two different brands of buttons on the same fight stick, or mixxing parts of one button with parts of another button?