Sanwa buttons in a MAS stick?

Do the sanwa OBSN-30’s fit inside of a MAS joystick shell? If not, is there a sanwa button that will?

no, the holes will have to be widened.

i’m not sure of the exact happ button dimensions, but you could try a korean button (28mm hole).

according to lizardlick, it says happ buttons fit standard 1.125" hole. damn, I really wish I could use sanwa’s in this without having to drill. Lizardlick doesn’t sell any 28mm buttons. Do you know where I might be able to find them? Also, do you know if they are sensitive like sanwa’s are? Thanks for your time.

I have a few extra 28 mm buttons, I have been modding and making sticks. There are a very similar feel to sanwa. If you want a few pm me. Also Laugh sells them from Korea.