Sanwa Buttons in the RAP4 Kai?

Sorry for the 5 thousand questions regarding the RAP4, however.
I am putting a order in for a few odds and ends and was wondering if Sanwa buttons would fit in the RAP4 I find the buttons in it to be weirdly touchy and want to try something different for comparison.

Yes. Sanwa buttons are 30mm, as are Hori’s Kuro buttons, just like all other standard Japanese main buttons.
They’ll fit just fine.

Cool, guess I’ll be adding six of those to my order

You can pretty much drop in any 30mm buttons in that stick(except for IL,suzo happ ones)

Those aren’t 30mm

1 1/8" to be exact (approx. 28.575mm)

Ah yes my bad well you couldn’t drop them in that stick anyway considering how much vertical space they require

Yeah not the RAP4 KAI. Maybe the older Hrap 1,2, 3 and EX if you do a panel replacement.